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Thank a Social Worker This Month!

Each March we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. But March is also Social Worker Month. The National Association of Social Workers has set this years theme as Advocates, Champions, and Leaders.  

This month is important to myself, in that I have worked in the social services field for over a decade. My role has been to work with abused, neglected and dependent children. Typically, social workers work with child welfare, but they are involved in so much more! 

I can’t speak as to what life is like for all who work in the field. I can only express what my experience has been. This world is hectic and busy. I have no idea what a 40 hour work week is! That doesn’t exist in my world. In my tenure, I have held the hand of a child who was severely abused as doctors and police documented injuries. I have removed a child from parents who were too delayed to know what they had done wrong, and returned a child to a parent after almost two years. I have held a mom who was going through withdrawals as she begged me to help her get better for her children. I have rejoiced with families who have worked hard and their case was closed. Being a social worker isn’t always easy, but I can’t imagine being anything else!

Social workers are in our schools advocating for children so they can focus on their learning and not outside stressors. They are in our nursing homes, hospitals and courts. They fight for legislation that helps better protect our children, our health care and many other social matters. Taught in a holistic approach, social workers strive to fight for individuals who are vulnerable. 

Being a social worker is hard work. Life is busy, exhausting and sometimes unsafe. We spend time away from our families and our own children, ensuring that others are cared for. Social workers do this with little recognition. Let’s change that and thank a social worker you know today! 

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