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Hang Up Your Cape Supermom

Hang up your cape Supermom. It’s time you take a break.

Mom – defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as a person’s mother; that’s it. At the end of the day you have done your job by definition just simply by being.

However I can say that we by nature feel as though simply being is not nearly enough. If I asked you to define yourself as a mother I am sure some of the following would be used: chef, maid, driver, medic, personal assistant, stylist, secretary, personal shopper, companion, cuddler, reading buddy, coach, tutor, and more. Personally I can relate to all of those and I can say that I do NOT get paid enough. On top of all that I also have a full time ‘out of the home’ job, a husband who needs his own brand of attention (and sadly many of the above also), friends who I try not to forget, neighborhood parties to plan, PTO to attend, family to see, exercise to keep up with my brood, and more I am probably forgetting.

How do we do it? How do we get it all done? It’s the cape – SUPERMOM! We push through and persevere because that is what we are ingrained to do. When our child is asked about their greatest memories of mom, or what they love most about her, or any version of those we want the answer to be positive, definitely that we were present and hopefully made them feel special.

But I can tell you from experience that sometimes…I just don’t want to wear the cape.

And you know, sometimes it is ok to hang up the cape; take care of yourself, ensure your kids survive the day and that alone can be the victory. When you take a plane ride and they give you the safety instructions they tell you to put your mask on first before your child’s. In life we should follow the same advice. We want our kids to eat healthy, good for them food; but we stuff our face with whatever random junk is left at the end of the meal plus a few handfuls of cereal or goldfish. We force our kids to play outside, stop watching TV and get off the couch yet once they are in bed where are we? Yup on the couch about to pass out.

If we stop focusing on ourselves and forget to take care of our bodies and minds we will become no good to the people we love most. It’s ok to peel off the layers of Supermomdom and just be for a day or two, or even just a couple hours.

We are no good to anyone else if we are not good to ourselves.  The older my children get, the more truth there is to that statement. We are a far better wife, mom, friend…when we take care of ourselves.

Go get your toes done, get a cup of anything at Starbucks and simply stare at the walls, head out to Target…alone, or head to a yoga class. Take off that cape, Supermom, and take a moment for you.






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