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Second-Born Syndrome : The Struggle is Real

My spicy little second-born. I don’t even know where to start. I have been struggling lately with the events and activities and ‘things’ my second-born misses out on. Simply because she is just that. The second-born. Before my second was born, I always would giggle when I heard mom-friends, who had multiple children, say things […]

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Broken Ipad

The Gift of a Broken iPad

I am here to confess something that I didn’t understand was broken in our family and then to tell you the gift we were given. Our family likes technology. Phones and iPads make for easier car rides, calmer dinners out, entertainment and learning options for the kids. We have had loose ground rules around how much […]

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The Great Juggling Act – One Child at School and One at Home

  Try as I may, I cannot slow time down. In a few weeks I will become the proud mother of a kindergartner. My oldest son Cooper will be attending a full day of school for the first time. The beautiful thing is that he is the typical over achieving, school loving first born. He thrived in preschool last year, and […]

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