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They Are Only Allergies

It’s been three months since we found out our baby has food allergies. We watched her vomit and break out in hives a dozen times before we figured it out. We started with catheters checking for infections to ultrasounds checking for, well, anything. Finally, $1000 in medical bills, 14 scratch tests, and 2 blood draws […]

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I Miss Breastfeeding (7)

5 Things To Know About Food Allergies

Families with children who have food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities are everywhere. Most families either have a child with food allergies or have a family member or know of  friends that are walking this daunting path. When Cooper our oldest son went through testing and was diagnosed with quite a few food allergies and intolerances, […]

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Trick-or-Treat? What can’t I eat?

Fall festivities and Halloween are incredibly exciting and fun filled with get togethers, outings and the food. The FOOD!! Who isn’t able look back on an amazing fall get together, hayride, or trick-or-treating night with a single unpleasant memory? Parents whose children have food allergies, that’s who! Our oldest son Cooper has a handful of food allergies that […]

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3 Uncommon Back 2 School Topics :: Medication, Vaccinations & Lice

There are so many topics & conversations swirling the media for Back 2 School!  Schedules, healthy lunches, savings for supplies & clothes, studies…the list goes on. But there are 3 topics that are less common: Medications, Vaccinations, & Lice.  Today we are taking a moment to discuss a few key pieces of information you should know, on […]

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