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7 Kid-Friendly Essentials for Your Summer Grab Bag

This post is part of a sponsored relationship with Dorothy Lane Market. The Dayton Moms Blog team love shopping at DLM and is excited to bring you this resource.

Summer is almost here! Can you believe it? Almost gone are the days of running around like crazy people taking our little ones to preschool or regular school or playdates or library storytimes. Fast approaching are the long, lazy days full of relaxation and little ones happily splashing about in the pool – NOT arguing – while Mom lounges nearby, soaking up the sun, reading a book, not a care in the world. 

Wait. What’s that? That NOT how summer works for moms of little children in the real world?

LOL! Who are we kidding? We know that! 

And that’s why the mamas of DMB have partnered with our friends at Dorothy Lane Market to give you a real-life list of items to toss in your summer grab bag. Below, you will find our list of mom-endorsed, quality products that can help your littles stay healthy and help you stay sane(r) as you strive to put together a fun (and maybe just a bit relaxing?) summer for your family. 

First up on the must-have list, sun protection. As parents, we know how vitally important it is to protect our babies from the harsh UV rays of the sun, but it’s pretty tricky when those kids are 1) uncooperative  2) squirmy  3) impatient and 4) did I mention uncooperative? So, when we put on the sunscreen, we want to know we’re applying the best, right? Enter…

Badger Kids Sunscreen Cream – It was given the highest rating on the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Guide to sunscreens. So, why should we care about that? Well, the EWG rates all sunscreens by ingredient based on whether there are health concerns associated with that ingredient. The ingredients in Badger Kids are all safe (and that is not the case with many popular sunscreens). Badger Kids is non-nano, clear zinc, water-resistant, reef-friendly (Yay! Safe for the coral!), and has ingredients certified organic by the National Science Foundation (NSF). And do you want to know something else? It comes in Tangerine and Vanilla scents so our kiddos will smell fruity and delicious!

Despite our best sunscreen applying efforts, kids usually end up with a sunburn at one time or another. (Heck, we adults end up with a sunburn sometimes, too, and that’s no fun!) For relief, look to

Aloe Life Aloe Mist – It works fast as a superior soothing, conditioning, and refreshing treatment to sunburned skin. And when you have a tired, grumpy kid who is in pain, a spray bottle sounds vastly superior to slathering them with aloe cream that gets sticky and all over the place.

While we’re talking sun protection, let’s not overlook another super important item for everyone to have year-round, but especially when the blazingly hot, bright days of summer are upon us. Sunglasses!

ICU Sunglasses for Kids – Children need to protect their eyes just as much as adults, if not more. UV exposure can harm the eyes as well as the skin, and the cumulative effect of UV rays can be very damaging. Bonus: If you’re able to get your children used to wearing sunglasses now, they can carry that good habit with them as they grow, possibly saving them eye issues down the road from too much sun exposure.

Next up on our list of things we can’t get through summer without is bug repellent! There are few things able to ruin a lovely summer evening spent outside than the hordes of mosquitos that want to descend upon us. But we don’t like to smell like Off! all the time. Or risk little ones ingesting toxic chemicals sometimes found in traditional bug spray. For a better-smelling, natural alternative, try…

Amrita Bugs Be Gone for Kids – This 100% natural lemon eucalyptus insect repellent is environmentally-friendly, has a pleasant citrus scent, is non-toxic, and non-greasy. Plus, it’s DEET-free and contains organic essential oils! (Maybe smelling it while applying it will help you find inner peace? Worth a shot!)

When they do get bug bites, or poison ivy (eek!) or just the cuts and scrapes associated with being a kid in the summertime, soothe their ouchies with…

Earth’s Care Anti-Itch Cream – This cream contains natural camphor and menthol which is safe for children two years of age and older. Plus, it has other wonderful things like shea butter and almond oil for even more soothing power. It is used for the temporary relief of pain and itching associated with poison ivy/oak/sumac, sunburn, insect bites, and minor cuts and scrapes.

This next item is one of those things that gets used ALL the time, but is often one we forget to pack! Useful for soothing big and little kids alike, this is the gold standard of gel packs.

DreamTime Mommy’s Kisses – This hot & cold gel pack is great to have on hand to soothe ouchies & booboos. Throw in your cooler bag when heading out. Or, keep in your purse and pop in a microwave when you need it. Plus, the cute characters help distract sad little ones from their pain.

And finally, let us not forget – SNACKS. Who could possibly get through a summer day (or any day, for that matter) without snacks? Not us, that’s for sure. While we love Goldfish crackers, it’s good to shake things up and give the kiddos something healthy AND tasty! Throw a couple of these in your bag and keep everyone happy!

RXBAR Kids – A great snack to take on trips to the park or pool. There are seven grams of protein with just four ingredients in each delicious bar.  Choose from Apple Cinnamon Raisin, Berry Blast, and Chocolate Chip. Don’t forget – no added sugar, no gluten, soy, dairy, or bad stuff.

If you’re ready to prepare your summer grab bag, head to Dorothy Lane Market and stock up!

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