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The Great Juggling Act – One Child at School and One at Home



Try as I may, I cannot slow time down. In a few weeks I will become the proud mother of a kindergartner. My oldest son Cooper will be attending a full day of school for the first time. The beautiful thing is that he is the typical over achieving, school loving first born. He thrived in preschool last year, and has been counting down the days until school starts in August.

11154727_10206982360217398_4027079644099198506_oWhile watching my boys play outside the other day, I realized that their every-morning playdates together would soon be coming to an end. Cooper will be headed off to school each morning and coming home later in the afternoon. My youngest son Reid will have the yard, toys and me all to himself. Will he love that? Will he grieve the loss of his brother being available at any moment to help build a lego tower?

All my attention for the back-to-school transition has been focused on Cooper. I’ve taken him school supply shopping, to meet his teacher and see his classroom. My husband and I have spent so much time and energy on making sure that this is an exciting and seamless transition for him.

These things aren’t bad per say, they are actually very needed and things we should be doing. But, I can’t help but think, “am I forgetting to be conscious and sensitive to my younger son’s feelings?”

I feel convicted of my lack of attention to Reid and how this transition will affect him. He will be the only child at home for the first time in his little three year old world. I’m thankful that this realization happened before the fact and that I can prepare before school starts. I’m prepared for the emotions he might have of jealousy of not being at school, sadness of not having Cooper at home, etc.

Proactively, I have begun researching the library’s story time days and times, as well as planning weekly playdates with friends who have children Reid’s age. I’m looking forward to the one and one time that Reid and I will get at home, as well. It’s not very often that he doesn’t have to compete with his brother for my attention. I hope that a handful of morning pj parties with an RSVP list of Reid & Mommy only, will create a few of the best memories he has ever had.

The juggle of raising a school aged kid and a toddler will assuredly introduce some excitement, nervousness, and variety to the life we have grown accustom to.  With a little preparation and consideration though, I’m hoping that the start of school will result in two very happy, content  little boys in our home.

Do you have any tips to help with this transition? Please share with your fellow mommas!



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