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Keeping our Little Ones Safe {Baby Safety Month}

All any new parent wants is to keep their new little one safe. However, in a world where everyone has an opinion and every company fights for that number one spot, it can be a challenge to know exactly what’s right and potentially wrong when it comes to the safety of our children. Fortunately, September is “Baby Safety Month” and we’ve got all the details just for you!

Baby Safety Month is sponsored yearly by the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association. Each year they choose an area of focus where they see the greatest need in education for parents and caregivers alike. This year’s theme is the importance of safety straps on all juvenile products.

According to the JPMA and their research, the #1 cause of non-fatal injury to infants and children are falls. 8,000 children are treated daily in emergency rooms here in the US due to this type of injury. With these numbers the emphasis on safety strap usage is critical.

First and foremost adult supervision is the number one way we as parents and caregivers can ensure the safety of our children. However, life happens and we can’t be in 5 places at once, so prevention is key. If a product has safety straps, use them. Make sure the straps are secured and fit snugly to the child per the instructions given with the product. Using these straps properly is the only way to ensure the safety of the child. Be sure to use them not only at home, but on the go as well. Taking just a few extra moments to ensure these straps are being used properly could really make a difference in you and your child’s life.

The JMPA has put together together a list of resources for strap safety in various areas. Below you will find the type of product and some safety tips to go along with each of them.

In The Car

On The Go

At Home


Of course there are many more areas of infant/child safety besides safety strap awareness, that we as parents and caregivers need to be aware of. I personally took a quick poll among my friends and came up with a few big issues they personally found challenging as new parents. Below is a list of topics and associating links to provide more information to those of you who may have the same concerns that I found via my poll.


Sleep Safety

Car Seat Safety

SIDS Info and Safety

General Safety

Our children are our future as the saying goes and making sure we, as adults, are able to see to it that these kids grow up safely is a huge aspect to our worlds future. Other than the resources listed above, there are many other ways to gain child safety knowledge right in your area. Local fire departments, hospitals, and community centers, etc. are great places to stop in and seek out information. No question is ever to silly, or unimportant when it comes to safety of our children. So never be afraid to speak out.

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