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When Cupid’s Arrow Hits Home {Part One} – Date Night Ideas for Busy Parents

February 14. Yes, THAT February 14. All the cards and chocolates and crazy people rushing around for the one-dozen roses – in hopes, they aren’t being ripped off (but they probably are because they waited until the last minute). AHH. Yes. It’s about here. And it’s on a Wednesday. MmmmHmmmm. Wednesday y’all. Get yer party pants on for that midweek night out. When the kids have to be up at the crack of dawn the next day for school, and you need to hurry to get to work before you are late. NOT.

For starters (and I will only stay on this soapbox for a few sentences), every day should be, could be, can be, and very well may be a time to celebrate with the one you love. Do not wait until that one quintessential day to share all things romantic and lovely and kissy-face. Tell them you love them, you cherish them, you adore them. Do all the things they love throughout the ‘normal’ weeks and days of life. It will make a huge difference. But since we are talking Feb 14 here, I will stick to that theme.

If you are like my hubs and I, we will be hanging at home on Valentine’s day 2018. In fact, Wednesdays are our busiest days of the week (what are the odds), as we are chauffeuring kiddos to and from events all the way up until 8pm, which means later bedtime and then we don’t even relax until 9pm. Shew. I am tired thinking about it! The reality of life is that our Valentine’s day celebration will most likely take place on a different date, but what matters is that we make it somewhat special, a time to actually sit back and appreciate the love we have for each other. If you are like us, this will probably take place at home, and therefore I wanted to provide you with 5 (easy and very doable) ideas for in-home date night ideas – cupid-approved!

1 – Set the mood – pretty easy and pretty straightforward. Flowers. Candles. A clean countertop. Whatever your significant other appreciates. Set it up. Recreate the atmosphere of your favorite restaurant or simply dim the lights during dinner (even if dinner is leftovers). Set the mood to mimic that of a very relaxed atmosphere. Yes. This may also involve putting the kids in front of the TV in the basement for a quiet dinner and privacy (because ’tis life).

2 – Revel in wedding day memories – it may not be your anniversary (or maybe it is), but reminiscing about that special day, which truly exhibited your public expression of love, may be a fun way to rekindle the zest on Valentine’s Day. Look through albums, cards, mementos. Watch your wedding day video and sip on champagne or sparkling cider. Relive that day together while relaxing on the couch. You already paid the bill (or maybe the parents did), so enjoy reliving it!

3 – Cuddle and order in – put on the PJs, grab your favorite blanket, order from that tiny Chinese joint or your favorite pizza spot. Plop on the couch or on the living room floor. Keep the TV off and just eat and chat. Don’t share with the kids. Easy. 

4 – Make a bucket list together – because we all have dreams and goals and places we want to visit. Make a cup of coffee or tea, sit down and get comfy, and chit chat about these dreams. Make that list! Why not! For some, this may actually be somewhat uncomfortable, as it is definitely a time of vulnerability, and many times couples have not discussed these dreams to such an extent. What a great bonding time! And what a great memory to begin making – with the plans to check some of these bucket list items off as you go through life together.

5 – Have a spa night – I know. Some of us shudder at the idea of rubbing our spouse’s feet, or having them attempt to give us a massage (because you know, some just don’t get it) – BUT – ’tis the chance for redemption! A spa night is free and relaxing and involves not much prep. Lotion. Water (maybe) and creativity. I mean, to be frank, this could lead to just about anything. Hint. Hint. I’ll stop there. 🙂

As a busy parent, how do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s day this year?


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