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Table for Two

Table for TwoCBS This Morning on Saturday’s has a segment called The Dish. At the end they ask their guest a simple but powerful question, “If you could share this meal with anyone, past or present, who would it be?” I love this question, and being a regular viewer, came up with my answer long ago – my grandmother. To have one more meal with her would be my dream come true. However, 11 months ago I had to invite another guest to my table – my daughter.

Since she was an infant I have taken her to lunch with me, it is one of my very favorite things to do. As she has gotten older and moved to solid foods it has become increasingly more fun! It is fantastic to watch her eat and taste new foods, but that is not all, observing her interaction with those around her is just as fascinating! She smiles at the other patrons, high fives the wait staff and I just all around enjoy her company. We talk and laugh and I firmly believe I am teaching her a valuable lesson on the importance of sharing mealtime with family. I want her to understand from an early age how to have a conversation, how to behave in public and the importance of putting down those electronic devices and making eye contact with those around you. Above all, I want this experience to be something she and I can share forever. We have our favorite places (shout out to Christopher’s Restaurant in Kettering and Communitea Café in Dayton), but we have had a warm response from everywhere we have gone from both staff and customers alike.

I remember when I was young, my grandparents would take me to lunch at a new place every Friday and that is a tradition I love and want to continue with my own family. Although my grandmother is no longer here to join us at the table her influence and presence is very strong. Our lunches are one of the small ways I can share my grandmother’s memory with my daughter.

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