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Easy Playdate Snacks with Dorothy Lane Market

This post is part of a sponsored relationship with Dorothy Lane Market. The DMB team genuinely loves the quality and flavor that DLM adds to our everyday lives, no matter the occasion!

I’ve loved Dorothy Lane Market since the first time I went in as a little girl pushing around one of their mini kid-sized carts. My brother and I were always ecstatic to get our free cookie and piece of fruit by being a part of their Kid’s Club. I loved it so much that I got my first job there in high school! Now that I am a mom, DLM has my heart because they make getting quality food on the table easy and fast. Their ready-made selection is the stuff of my dreams! Anytime I need something delicious and quick, I head straight for Dorothy Lane Market. Need precut fresh fruit and veggies? Check. Yummy snacks ready for hungry kids to devour? Done. Just remembered you’re hosting a playdate tomorrow and you have nothing to eat? Don’t worry! DLM takes all of the stress out of throwing together an easy playdate snack that little eaters will love. We put together some ideas for the next time you host a playdate! 

Photo Credit :: Blink of an Eye Photography

Rainbow Paper Table Topper – Plan ahead and put down a paper table topper to make cleanup easier! Dorothy Lane Market has some adorable options like this rainbow stripe. It will help keep the mess to a minimum and you can just roll it up and toss it once the little ones leave.

Muffin Tin Munchies & Dips – Dorothy Lane Market has a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables already cut and ready to be eaten. Throw those in a muffin tin along with some dips and you have an easy and fun snack! Kids all have varying tastes so this is a great way to have a lot of options to please all of the little eaters. And let’s face it, what kid doesn’t love a dip?! DLM has several different fresh ground nut butters to choose from and each one is perfect for dipping both fruit and veggies. We picked their honey roasted peanut butter! Veggie Vida is a company local to Cincinnati, Ohio that offers a healthier version of your kid’s favorite dips. Their easy squeeze dips have cucumber extract to help soften the taste of veggies for those picky eaters and are made with simple healthy ingredients like greek yogurt and others that even your kids can pronounce. And the best part? It looks fun to eat!

Photo Credit :: Blink of an Eye Photography

Photo Credit :: Blink of an Eye Photography

Apple Donuts – What’s better than donuts?! Apples are easily transformed into donuts with a little raspberry yogurt, DLM fresh ground peanut butter, DLM house-made granola, and of course sprinkles! These apples are local, crisp, and super sweet. All you need to do is core and slice the apples and you’re ready to decorate. You can even set it all out and let the kids make their own! Less work for mom? Even better!

Ballpark Popcorn – This one requires no more prep than taking it out of the bag! I don’t think it can get any simpler than that. Dorothy Lane Market offers a variety of popcorns made with local corn from Indiana, this Ballpark mix is our favorite! It has a mix of popcorns and peanuts.

Photo Credit :: Blink of an Eye Photography

Chocolate Chunk Cookies – I really can’t walk out of Dorothy Lane Market without a stop at the bakery for some of their fresh baked goods. We went with the classic chocolate chunk cookies. These cookies taste just like my homemade (scratch that, they’re even better!) and I won’t tell if you keep these aside for the moms! Serve it with a cold glass of milk and your work is done.

Photo Credit :: Blink of an Eye Photography

Dorothy Lane Market is your one-stop shop for playdate snacks made easy. Make sure to be aware of any dietary restrictions or allergies and serve food that is age appropriate. Now let’s play!

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