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Relief from Morning Sickness without Drugs!

Any time I have a hint of nausea, it instantly sends me into “might I be pregnant?” mode due to my
insane nausea with my first born.
During my pregnancy, I tried the gamut of remedies:IMG_1613
  • Ginger chews
  • Ginger ale
  • Ginger snaps
  • Preggo pops
  • Saltines
  • Eating before you even get up out of bed in the morning
  • Sea bands
  • Exercise
  • Sniff of lemon
Then, when those didn’t work, I was put on prescription medicine. It helped a little, until it didn’t. Then, I went to a new doctor, and he introduced me to a life-changing, miracle device! It is called the Prima Bella. It is a bracelet that sends small pulses of electricity down your wrist. The idea is that it confuses your brain so that it cannot register both the feeling of nausea and the feel of the subtle electric current.
I can’t be sure that it works for everyone, but for me, it was awesome! I LOVE my Prima Bella (or check out the Reliefband)! It provided me with practically instant relief such that, once, I literally avoided vomiting at a restaurant by dialing it up one notch. It didn’t erase all feelings of yuckiness, particularly on the extremely rough days. But, even on those days, it helped me get by!
Ask your doctor if the Prima Bella would be a good option for you! I needed a prescription for mine, and I believe some insurance companies help with the cost. I wish these were simply issued to all women as part of the “welcome to pregnancy” care package when you have your first prenatal doctor’s visit.

How did you combat morning sickness? 



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