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NEW! Prenatal Pilates Class: My Pilates Studio Dayton

I am not a runner, a swimmer, or a huge fan of lifting weights. I do however love pulling out my yoga mat regularly and enjoy a pilates class.  As a postpartum doula, seeking out places for my clients prenatal and postnatal to keep active and stay healthy – is exciting. The My Pilates Studio in Dayton has become one of those go-to places that I love sharing with new moms. They recently started offering prenatal yoga classes and I was thrilled to be able to join in on and observe the first one. The studio is in Centerville off of 725, near Bargo’s & The Flower Factory.

Studio FacadeBefore the class began I sat down and talked to, Kathy Anderson, the pilates instructor and owner of My Pilates Studio. Kathy shared that she was inspired by her mother to, “Find something you love to do and the rest will fall into place.” The My Pilates Studio was born out of that inspiration. She is proud to be offering this new class to mothers where they can come and an be a part of an enjoyable environment where the services are offered by experienced, credentialed and committed instructors. The class is  flexible to each and every stage of pregnancy so that each participant feels involved, engaged, and physically safe.

During the class I loved how a bond was created immediately between the group as a whole and with Cheryl the instructor. There were pregnancy stories being shared as well as an instant freedom to start a q & a with Cheryl about the benefits of pilates both pre and postnatal. Cheryl made sure that each person felt completely comfortable with each movement and spoke about the benefits of each one. Towards the end of the class each person was sharing about how amazing they were feeling, with increased flexibility. The moms also felt empowered and excited for the next week’s class.

there-5I would recommend the My Pilates Studio’s Prenatal Pilates class to any expectant mother. If you would like to learn more about the class and the many others they offer or to register you can contact the studio and tell them that Amber from Dayton Moms Blog sent you!


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One Response to NEW! Prenatal Pilates Class: My Pilates Studio Dayton

  1. Monica
    Monica June 16, 2015 at 4:09 pm #

    I LOVE My Pilates Studio!! One of the best studios around!