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High Heels Be Damned – this is My Authentic Motherhood!

Heels Be

Heels Be Damned – this is My Authentic Motherhood

Let me start off by saying that I love high heels.  There was a point in my life where I think I could run in high heels.  This was also the same point in life when I would wear anything between a 7.5 and 8.5 depending on how cute the shoe and how much it was on sale.

Even during my 1st pregnancy I rocked cute heels with my business suits and loved them with my maternity jeans.

Then pregnancy two came along and with it complications that made wearing shoes hard – let alone high heels.  Towards the end of that pregnancy I could manage wedges – but who wanted to?  Carrying a big baby girl in my belly and chasing around a 2.5 year old was not conducive to anything but flats.

Then maternity leave entered the picture – and unlike my first who allowed me to have Nov & Dec off…my second gave me the two glorious months of May & June at home.  Months of wearing flip-flops and sun dresses…months of being barefoot.

The second one changed me – it changed not only my choice of footwear – but how I felt about it.  As I prepared to head back into the office after the 4th of July weekend – l looked at myself in the mirror before work and I felt silly.

Rocking my work-wear and a new pair of shoes that I bought for the occasion – I didn’t feel like me.  Let alone that my feet were now solidly an 8.5 (sometimes a 9), but heels made me notice how my butt had taken on a, let’s say, more sophisticated shape.  But more than that – with two I felt really fulfilled, really full and really happy – I didn’t feel like high heels added the sexy oomph as they had in the past – I didn’t need that oomph.

High heels no longer felt authentic – I didn’t feel like I could dive on the ground to race cars around the house at a moments notice or skip down the halls at school when I dropped off the littles or spontaneously visit the playground after school…and that mattered to me.  I don’t want my fashion to inhibit our fun (being a working mother it’s so limited anyway).

Sure – I could be proactive and pack a pair of shoes for in the office and flats/flips for before and after the office, but let’s be real I barely make it out of the house in the morning with everything for them and my cell phone + laptop…another pair of shoes is a joke.

I like who I am now.  I like that I have embraced flats. This is my authentic motherhood.  #myauthenticmotherhood


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  1. Kate
    Kate August 31, 2015 at 2:20 pm #

    Cheers to authentic motherhood!