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I’ve Created a Frilly Dress Monster!

Dress to Kill

Yes, I’ve let my daughter leave the house in a Wonder Woman costume in the middle of May. We’re currently tripping on the five foot long, flowing train from the Elsa gown given to my four-year-old for her birthday.

I believe in picking and choosing my battles wisely. So, I often have simply surrendered on the clothes front. This may be the cause of our current situation. Everything my four-year-old wears has to be “beautiful” and, by her definition, that means a dress that flows while she spins. What?! I just bought all these lovely play clothes for her, and she won’t wear any of them! Granted, they were from a lady I met at a garage sale, who now periodically provides me with name brand clothes for a steal. But, my daughter doesn’t know this! I want to get some use out of these clothes!
Yet, here we are. It’s been about a year of this clothing battle. Is there an end in sight? Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE to dress my girls up in frilly dresses for church or parties.
I do take solace in the fact that other moms have been through this. At the store the other day, an older woman said, “Oh, that brings me back to when my girl was little.” She said it was hard enough getting out the door in the morning, let alone convincing a small child to change out of her princess costume. I know, right!?!?
Now, I have a two-year-old following my four-year-old, “Elsa,” around the house saying, “Please, I know you’re in there!” Then, she’s knocking on the bathroom door saying, “Do you wanna build a snowman?” When my “Elsa” AnnaElsareplies, “Go away.” My two-year-old says, “OK, Bye” and slumps off hanging her head down and walking very slowly. I do suppose there are some benefits to wearing costumes and “beautiful” dresses day in and day out. It nurtures the incredible and natural acting skills of my toddler.
If your kids are like mine, and you don’t want to fight the battle or wash the same two dresses 50,000 times, check out these places for good deals on kids clothes or try typing, “garage sale” or “yard sale” into craigslist.

How do you go about convincing your children to wear appropriate clothing in public when the battle is worth fighting? How do you define “appropriate clothes” to young children?

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