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The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Rock Star Parenting

With the addition of our third son just a few weeks ago, lazy parenting is in full effect in our household.  I justify this because, well, I am sleep deprived and as the main nutrition source for my newborn I deserve a few weeks of lazy parenting. Of course, this is all done under the guise of being a rock star mom so my kids never catch on. At least, that’s what I tell myself.  Since I love to share, allow me to pass on my secrets to you, non lazy mom, so that you too can learn how to be a rock star parent without too much effort.

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The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Rock Star Parenting: 

Two words : PLAY. DOH. Sure, it’s super messy and yes, I do find it in all crevices of my house (my sons are currently bouncing play doh balls around the house) but it is worth it for the 30 minutes to an hour worth of sanity it provides. It encourages use of imagination and allows my sons to perfect their pizza making abilities, so really it’s a win win.  From personal experience, I prefer the homemade kind because it seems to dry out a little less when cut into a million pieces (no exaggeration.)  Here is a recipe for homemade play doh if you are in need.

Movie day.  These we resort to on days where one child is sick or I have been up an uncountable number of times with a non sleeping baby. My philosophy is that if you pop some popcorn, it becomes an event instead of a way to entertain my kids while I rest my eyes.

Throw in a themed snack and you have just hit the advanced level of rock star lazy parenting.

Free Play Crafts.  I had this brilliant idea that if I put all of our craft supplies in the toy room, my boys would create beautiful crafts and would surely put away everything they got out when they were finished.  This was clearly a lapse in judgement…but, it does keep my sons engaged for a long time.  While it is stressful to walk into the toy room and see a piece of felt that used to be one single piece cut up into 100, it is awesome to see my son’s imagination at work as he incorporates it into his job site. You may have to watch out for shards of pipe cleaner when you walk through the room, but it is worth it for the distraction it provides!

Fort building. My forts may not look like what you would find on Pinterest (actually nothing I make from Pinterest looks like what it is supposed to) but to kids, a fort is a fort.  If you have some blankets, then you have a fort.  My boys love playing in them and I love that I can’t see them fighting with each other. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Car scavenger hunts.  Sometimes you just need to get out of the house after a long (or short) day.  That’s when I pile my crew into the van with some snacks and we go in search of tractors, diggers, and whatever else we can find. It gives my boys a change of scenery, me a chance to unwind and if we just so happen to drive by Steak N Shake during Happy Hour then it is a trifecta of awesomeness.


What are some of your favorite parenting hacks?


One Response to The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Rock Star Parenting

  1. Kate
    Kate February 5, 2016 at 5:04 pm #

    If this is lazy parenting than I’m not sure how I would be classified. I’m pretty sure this is what I call parenting haha!!

    You rock mama! Hope the new babes is doing well!