Passionate About the Community
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Secrets of a Thrifty Mom...

My Experience as a Thrifty Mom

I’m a thrifty Mom. I get excited about saving money. I use coupons. I shop at consignment shops. I’m a Mom who is in a tremendous amount of debt due to financing a law degree in addition to marrying a wonderful man who financed his masters degree. We are in debt solely for our education […]

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Fall Fun with Little Ones

So, my littles love crafts. But, I’m not the most creative mom on the block. So, I resort to craft books from the library, Google, and my creative mom friends for ideas and inspiration. Here’s what we have going on this time of the year: Good old-fashioned pumpkin carving. Sadly, my kids won’t touch the pumpkin guts. Roasted pumpkin seeds. Just rinse […]

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My Fit Chick Journey Begins Now

I’ll start once I’m done having kids or at least when the boys are both in school? How about when I’m not as tired as I feel now? These are the excuses I have given myself for years to not exercise. I am a loved wife, proud mother of two beautiful boys and the owner […]

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What New Moms

What a New Mom Really Wants

There are times in mother hood when we need each other. Like really need each other. After having a baby is one of those times.  Maybe it’s the surge of hormones. Maybe it’s the tiny little human that is ever dependent on you. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep. Or likely it is the combination […]

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Why I Email My Toddler.

No. You did not read this incorrectly. I do in fact email my toddler, as well as my preschooler, even though they are currently illiterate. Why you ask? Because I can, because WE can, because technology allows us too, because it is quick and easy and accessible, and because it’s fun. I am married to […]

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The Power of 15 Minutes

Yup. 15 minutes. That’s all I need. Well, actually I could use 15 hours, but I live with a 3 yr old and a 20 month old. Enough said. I have learned in the last months, as I have bounced between two different personality-blessed children, both with different needs based on ages and preferences, that […]

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When Pregnancy is in Overtime

When Pregnancy is in Overtime

When first finding out you’re expecting, there’s a date mentioned at the initial OB appointment that is months down the road yet controls your life from then on out. Your baby’s due date quickly becomes the end point for your pregnancy countdown. You push through the tough months reminding yourself only three months to go, only three weeks left, […]

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