Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here



I have a problem…and I’d like to get it off my chest. Here goes:

     I’m OBSESSED with YOU, yes you Mama, and with all of the mothers across this world.

          Like just can’t get enough of, think about it all day long, totally get excited to talk about…MOMS.

Entrance to the mom club is automatic once that bambino arrives yes, BUT you instantly gain my favorite trait in someone ever:  GRIT!   A ‘gritty mom’ isn’t exactly sexy on first glance, but I seriously beg to differ.

  • You’ve been through the hilariously not cute pregnancy with weird and gross stuff happening, and life altering scares. You lived to tell the tale.
  • You’ve figured out how to carry 2+ kids, one sleeping, a 25 lb diaper bag, 3 bags of groceries, AND your coffee all in one fail swoop no spills.
  • You’ve worked diligently to budget the family finances and wratched it down so you can stay home.
  • OR you’ve worked your @$! off creating more income to show your kids that anything is possible, truly.
  • You’ve made the painfully hard, just awful gut-wrenching decisions when no one else would.
  • You’ve figured out how to pull yourself up by your bootstraps time…and time…and time again.
  • You start businesses, you somehow figure out how to do more, because you’ve got a burning passion to share.
  • You change the world for the better.
  • You say NO and prioritize until it hurts and fight HARD to safeguard your precious family time.
  • You’ve been through labor & delivery…no matter the method. No words my level of respect for you here…
  • You share vulnerabilities openly, or try to get better at that as we grow.
  • You are the CFOs, the CEOs, the human relations department, the schedulers, the innovators (hello snow days), the everything in your families.
  • You teach every moment of everyday. You can’t help it really…
  • You make S**** happen!  Hands down.

A mama’s fierce strength and earned grit are the sexiest things I’ve ever known. I wrote in a friend’s baby shower card recently..”You’ve made a human, delivered it, and kept it alive….you can now do ANYTHING, seriously.”


That’s why I’m obsessed, genuinely in awe, amazed, and inspired by all the moms I know, and those I don’t. You (enter passionate curse word) ROCK!!!!!



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2 Responses to I’m OBSESSED with YOU!

  1. tracy July 6, 2015 at 9:04 am #

    And don’t forget the gritty moms who have put their hearts on the line through adoption and foster care or birth moms who have made gut-wrenching decisions for their children. Heros in my book!

    • Kate Kennard
      Kate Kennard July 6, 2015 at 9:34 am #

      Oh Tracy!

      That bunch of moms is the grittiest! 🙂 In a good way haha. Seriously, as a biological mom I can only imagine the immense strength and gusto it takes to give up, adopt, foster and become parents in those manners. The human heart is amazing. Seriously…moms, GAH! SO crazy amazing.