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5 Tips to Raising a Child who is JUST LIKE YOU!

After years of trying to get pregnant, it finally happened. This mommy prayed and prayed that the baby growing in my tummy would be a little girl. I dreamed of tea parties, painting her fingers, doing her hair, playing dolls, etc. Ultrasound showed that this little one in my tummy was, in fact, a girl! The one thing I didn’t count on was that she would be just like me.

Now don’t get me wrong, she is very much her own person, but her personality is so similar to mine that I struggle at times to not point out to her all the “flaws” I see in myself. So for the past 8 years of this little misses life, I have come up with some ways to show her as much grace as I can and to control the desire to correct her ticks that I know all to well. 

  1. Give them grace – seriously folks

  2. Admit when you mess up – it’s bound to happen, and it’s ok!

  3. Write down those traits that you find in them, that are so very much like you…..and find a way to love them in yourself.

  4. When you are frustrated, take a mommy time out. 

  5. Love them the best way you know how.

I haven’t perfected all of those steps. Somedays I know that I fail at giving her grace, loving my own flaws, etc. I can say without a doubt though that by doing my best to give her grace, and love her the best way I know how, she is growing up to know that I’m here, I love her and that she is an amazing little girl who won me over the moment I found out she was on her way. 

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