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The Power of Power Hour

If you are familiar with any of my past blogs here at Dayton Mom’s Blog, you will know I have written many based on making the most of a specific amount of time, or a certain time of day. The Power of 15 Minutes, The 24 Hour Date, The 15 Minute PurgeI Will Own My Mornings Even While I Constantly Fail, and I Will Own My Mornings, By Owning My Evenings. Yes, lots of specific time related posts there – a theme in my life perhaps? 

Therefore, I am bringing you some insight regarding power hour. A philosophy that makes sense, has been around for (probably) forever, but one that just stuck with me while on a business trip in April. I just presented it to my team during some business training last week, and realized that this here power hour can be relative to all aspects of our lives. Not just business, like paid-to-do-the-work business, but the business of being a mom as well. Where payment is not in paycheck form.

The glory of power hour is that it is a focused time you have set aside to conquer tangible tasks. The difference between power hour and random slots of 15 minute freedom (see my Power of 15 Minutes post), is that power hours must be pre-planned. Gasp. She said pre-planned. You probably think I am nuts as you wrestle children and bribe them with fruit snacks just so you can read this blog post. But sometimes things must give. The truth is, many times we need focused time that is set aside to be warrior women and just nail out some of ‘those things’ we need to get done. It takes planning.

Power hours are slots of time where the planning is done, and the productivity conquers. Power hour is NOT for sitting down and making a list of what you want to accomplish during the designated time, but rather it is for the actual accomplishing of the tasks at hand. Yes. Yes this does mean that you will need to sit down sometime earlier in the week to plan out what you will accomplish and address during your power hour. So pour yourself your favorite beverage and take 20 min to figure it out. You will thank yourself that you did.

How have I implemented power hour?

#1 – I started power hour strictly related to my home based business (not mom related tasks yet, but you can use this philosophy for anything). I sit down sometime over the weekend and I plan for the week. For me, this means I get out my handy-dandy-pen-and-paper day planner and I plan. I reconcile my phone calendar and my day planner calendar, and I insert my power hour(s) where they deem appropriate. Some weeks I have one, others I have 3 and 4 and 5. Each week varies, and that is okay, in fact, that is normal and good.

#2 – I talk to my husband before I plan these power hours, because mamas, you will need backup. For me, evenings are my power hour go-to times. I honestly cannot count on nap time (what the heck is that), random times when my kids will be ‘occupied’, or times in the day that ‘seem’ like I will be free. Ha. Funny joke. We are moms and wives and girlfriends and women. Life is unpredictable. I need set times I can count on. We have some evening activities that just ended, so I am absorbing those times up with my power hours. This past week I ended up with 2 set evenings where the husband took all of the reigns, and after I kissed the kiddos goodnight, he finished bedtime duty (because again, my power hours are in the pm). The times you choose must be doable. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Again, power hours are for pre-planned activities that will be achieving some goal you have. For me, they have been all related to my business, for you, you may simply need to meal prep and pack lunches while loading Kroger coupons to your app. Keep in mind, there is a reason why these are called power hours. They are not called ‘brainstorm’ hours or ‘try to figure it out’ hours. You must have a plan. You must stick with your plan. If you don’t, then your preplanning, of the plan, will be pushed out to another (unknown) time and date and then you will go all nutso on yourself.

#3 – A major plus of power hour is that I am not distracted by my thoughts of power hour activities during non power hour designated times. I am less tempted to respond to a business related email , phone call, teammate follow up, etc when I know I have time set aside to do so. Be specific and intentional in your power hours. If you plan to cook, be sure all of the ingredients are bought (unless grocery store was part of your power hour plan). The best part of power hour, is that besides pre-planning and being prepared for your hour of power, there are no rules. Plan it, prepare for it, and stick with it. 

So grab that planner and get your first power hour in the books. You will not regret it!

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