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Will you finish BIG or let it slip?

How are those goals coming?

How are those goals coming, mama bear?


Labor day weekend marks the 2nd ‘resolution’ time of the year.

Kids are back to school, summer party town – vacation – drinkfest – traveling is over, you’re back to a schedule. Ahhhh….

And it feels great. 


This time of year we often check in with ourselves.

We survey how we are doing towards those goals we had set for ourselves this New Years, or perhaps in the spring.


So, how’s it looking for you?


Here’s where I’m at:

  1. I thought I would have a full-fledged business launched in February. Not kidding, it’s September and we juuuuuust launched. Like, WTF universe?  All the due diligence, build out, web building, hiring, product development, oh my…can I sleep yet?
  2. I thought I would have been rocking out on my workouts 5 days per week (like I had all winter and spring). Well business jazz gets in the way, I still get up at 4-4:30am, but instead of heading to the gym right away, I drive right into work and don’t stop. That’s NOT ok! I only get 2-3 days of gym time in, while that’s not terrible..just silly that it’s not consistent.
  3. I thought I would have date nights with my husband 1x per week, or even 1x per month. I don’t think we’ve taken a date since…last October? WAIT! We did have a 1 day staycation in May, I take that back. Either way, ridiculously not enough.
  4. I thought I would have more debt paid off…we got about $15,000 paid down but I was shooting for more than double that (I have monster student loans…cry-able amounts).
  5. I thought I would go to fun mommy and me classes with my little dude. HAHA, riiiiight. I’m lucky if I can pick him up by 7pm.
  6. I thought I would volunteer SO MUCH MORE.
  7. I thought I would read to my child more, and in Spanish.
  8. I thought I would crush my blog goals, and my learning goals of 2 books per month, and the list goes on and on.

(I clearly have a problem with shooting high!  Whatever, don’t judge. I LOVE the quote, “If your dreams and goals don’t scare the daylights out of you…they aren’t big enough”!!)



What’s a gal to do?

Decide if you’re going to finish BIG or let it slip by, yet again.




Find your why.

Make a plan.



The holiday season will be quickly approaching (can I just say all the people who put their Christmas countdowns on their Facebook page…you’ve been blocked. I just can’t deal.) If you get your ducks in a row, get mad enough, pissed enough, convicted enough, and are stubborn enough that you haven’t met your goals…it may just be enough GUSTO to move you to action to get it done. To prove to yourself that:

You. Can. Do. It.

You can follow though.

You can show yourself and others that you CAN.

You can be the success story.

You can be the hero.

You are capable.

You freaking ROCK.



Mama bears, what are YOUR “Rest of the year goals?”


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