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Outsourcing Chores, When Does it Make Sense?

4U7A8604-2A few years ago my plate in life was full but managing was possible. Lawns got mowed, dishes and laundry done, errands ran with ease. It was a simple life.

Fast forward a few years. Adding two children, mommy in school full time & starting a photography business, and daddy traveling more… let’s just say that it got increasingly difficult – fast.

We needed more of us to get the job done! We all know how it goes. Weekends quickly become packed with birthdays and commitments and soon we are left with little time for chores.

At first, we were mad at ourselves for being horrible at time management. (Which, is an issue we have to work on. We expect that to get better when the youngest is in the verdict is still out.)

Something had to give.

4U7A8632Our biggest time suck was our yard. It always took about 3 hours, but with our growing schedule it was taking about 3 days. I had enough. We called a lawn care company, J&J’s Complete Lawn Care, to just get us through the summer I was pregnant…that was 3 years ago. They do in 45 minutes what took us forever to do, plus clean up! In addition, they do our mulch, filled a pond in our yard and even helped us with shrub and snow removal. All of these things that were becoming so hard for us to get done.

Many moms feel guilty for hiring a house cleaning service or outsourcing a duty. I have to admit, I did too. It makes us feel like we are not doing all that we should. Let’s put a positive spin on it. Knowing our weakness is one of our biggest strengths. It’s okay to admit that getting those mundane chores done when we know that time could be spent somewhere else with more value. Well, you know that saying it takes a village? I have become okay that my village includes awesome neighbors, family AND my amazing lawn care team. You should too!

I would like to know, and I’m sure others too, what you outsource and how it has helped you!  

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2 Responses to Outsourcing Chores, When Does it Make Sense?

  1. Monica
    Monica May 27, 2015 at 9:14 am #

    I love this & I completely agree! One of my mentors told me once that outsourcing was the best secret to success! We as mothers carry around so much guilt for not getting some tasks done – but there are just not enough hours (or energy) in the day. Sit down the guilt & let someone else pick it up!

  2. Beth
    Beth May 27, 2015 at 2:14 pm #

    Yes! Delegating is the key to a happy life. I’ve let go of the guilt and look back going what was I thinking trying to do it all! I do miss having an excuse to catch up on This American Life episodes while I mow. But the “free time” is more than worth it.