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Mom Tribe

I just came back from a long overdue “Mom” time with a sweet friend.  

She has messaged me last week and asked to get together.

We had not seen each other for years. She messaged saying that her kids were in school and could we get together, she needed a little mom advice.

We had not had a falling out or a problem, just life took over and we fell out of each other’s lives. I had thought of her often over the past few years and even taken a peek at her Facebook to see how her kids had grown, but I hadn’t reached out.

We met and talked for over 3 hours, and it was like no time had passed since we had seen each other. We picked up where we had left off and there it was – that unique mom connection. Sure, things had changed since we had seen each other, her kids were teens now and her little, that I was sure was born last week, is now 7. Life had changed for me too, we married one off, have 2 in college and a senior and then two little ones, one that she met for the first time today.

The truth is, I needed this time today, and don’t often make or take the time to make “Mom” times happen. It was nice to talk and share and give and get advice from a trusted friend. I walked away from our time together and was refreshed and felt so glad that she had reached out to me, and embarrassed that I had not reached out to her.

All too often I try to do things on my own and don’t rely on this incredible group that I am part of. I am part of an amazing Mom Tribe, one that can not be matched by any other group I have ever been part of.

We are all different. We are all unique, and yet we all have an amazing connection, motherhood. It makes no difference if you married into motherhood, are a mother through adoption, or a mother through childbirth, we are all mothers.  

I resisted this Mom Tribe when I was younger, I thought I couldn’t learn from anyone else and had to brave the waters alone, and I missed out. My mom journey could have been made so much better had  I joined the tribe instead of thinking I didn’t need the help of other mothers.

I need other mothers, and you do too, even if you are resisting like I did. I need a tribe of women, that I surround myself with that help me as I parent. I need a tribe of women to hold me accountable as I parent. I need a tribe of women to talk things out with and make sure that I have the right perspective. I need a tribe of women who will grow with me as my life has twists and turns. I need a tribe of women who will stand beside me and let me stand beside them…….and today I was able to sit and sip tea with part of my Mom Tribe, and my cup runs over.

Who is in your Mom Tribe?  Go message them now, ask them to meet and talk and grow, we need each other.

One Response to Mom Tribe

  1. Suzanne Hines October 12, 2017 at 7:47 am #

    Yes. I always used to joke that I learned everything I know about being a Mom from someone else, but lately I’ve forgotten that and been taking way too much credit for things I probably learned from someone else. Haha! We all need each other.