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Hat Juggling Mom Life

Mom life. I knew from about the age of twelve that I wanted to be a mother. Having four younger siblings will do that to a little girl! I dreamed of the day when I would get married, move into our new home and then soon there after welcome a baby into our family. During my freshman meeting with the admissions counselor I’m sure she loved the face I was making as I searched for “SAHM” on a degree option. Thankfully I found my way into preschool education shortly after my husband and I were married. It was the second best thing to having little ones of my own.

Three short years after my husband and I were married our first son Cooper was born. We quickly realized that having me stay at home with him would be the best option for us over me returning to the preschool. I secretly did an insanely unattractive happy dance in my head when we made this decision! I pictured mornings snuggling with him on the couch, taking walks outside, and endless trips to library story time and play dates. What I didn’t have the knowledge to foresee was the change that becoming a parent has on you. No one had shared with me about the hat dance of being a mother, wife, and friend.

My days *and nights* no longer belonged to just myself anymore. My schedule was now filled with meal prep, baby Mom and boysentertaining, diaper changes, doctor appointments, play dates, and if I was lucky nap time.

When bedtime came there was very little space, energy or time for me to slip on my wife hat for my husband or even a friend hat for a night out.

It took me close to 4 years and two kids to master the song and hat dance of being a parent, wife and friend. I had to learn the hard way that I am at my best for all of my hat categories when I take care of myself. There will be many times of sacrifice in my life, of course, but I need to be honest enough with those closest to me to share with them when I need some me time. Those “me” times might be a girls night out, a date night, or a stroll around Target by myself after my husband comes home from work. I am very blessed with an incredible and supportive husband, rock star friends, and beautiful children that make these moments happen and my hat juggling life pure joy!

How do you juggle all of your “hats’?

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