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Meet the Dayton Moms Blog Team

Meet Your Dayton Moms Blog Team

Adrienne Dickson

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I am a stay at home mom to two boys, Sammy and Ollie. I enjoy cooking, theater, traveling to see friends, and using my limited free time to sip on a cappuccino. I am originally from Rochester, NY where great Italian food abounds. My husband Kevin and I have lived in several different cities throughout our marriage and we really enjoy Dayton and all it offers to a growing family. I am looking forward to being part of a wonderful team here on the Dayton Moms Blog.

Whitney Reiter

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Hola mamas! I’m Whitney. I’m a part-time ESL/Spanish Teacher and spend the rest of my days at home with my three little girls– Eliana, Evangeline, and Emory. My husband Nathan is the best “Girl Dad” we could ask for! We try to spend most of our free time outside and subscribe wholeheartedly to the whole “no bad weather, only bad clothes” concept. Outdoor exploration and nature connection in early learning are some of my biggest passions. We’ve lived near and far from Dayton (Mexico to Columbus and back) and couldn’t imagine settling anywhere else. Dayton is the most amazing place to raise a family. Give me all the kombucha, dark chocolate, and local adventures and I’m a happy woman. My 2018 goal is to keep all the succulents I can’t stop buying alive. Wish me luck! I am all about letting my girls take risks and watching their confidence and abilities soar. When I get a little “me” time it’s usually to do a little reorganizing, DIY-ing, or sewing. I’m thankful to be able to share the ins and outs of our days with you!

Caitlin Lochtefeld

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My husband, Michael, and I are both from northern Ohio and settled in Dayton last year after a detour to sunny South Carolina for a few years. I never thought we’d be back to Ohio, but we learned that Ohio just feels like home. I’m a brand new mom to a sweet girl, Helena (name possibly influenced by Harry Potter), and a fur-mom to two dachshund mixes, Rosie and Larkin. I did my undergrad at the University of Akron in biochemistry and went on to dental school at the Ohio State University. I’m a practicing dentist here in Dayton and work with an amazing group. I love trying new restaurants and recipes (especially after binge-watching the Great British Bake-off), I tolerate running (keeps me from feeling too guilty about all the above-mentioned food), I can’t live without black coffee, red wine, or face masks, and I’ve been learning so much more about myself (and my husband) after becoming a parent! 

Sasha Magee

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Hi! I’m Sasha, working mom to one fun-loving, curious, sweet, energetic toddler! My husband, Jonathan, stays home full time with our son. We both went to good old Centerville High School, dated long distance through college, got married and settled down in Saint Louis. Nine years and one baby later, we found ourselves missing our hometown and our families, so we are back and re-experiencing the area as adults and parents. A lot has changed!  In my infinite free time, I like to dabble in cooking, crafting, running, cycling, sewing, board games, etc. (Not all at once!) Basically, I love trying new things and I sometimes write about it over at Sash Around the Clock. House rules and life motto: “Whoever has the most fun, wins!”

Audrey Morgan

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Hello there! I’m Audrey. I’m a Gemini to the core, complete with dueling personalities, but we both agree that family is our favorite thing on this earth! I married my high school sweetheart, Andy in 2004, whom I jokingly call my third child. Jokes aside, I am Mom to 10 Year old Lucas, my empathetic mini-me and 8 year old Alaina, my little redheaded fire child. We live on a small hobby farm, just south of Xenia, in the home where I grew up. I am super lucky to be a SAHM as my main job, but I also substitute in the libraries around the Xenia School District, manage my family’s rental condo in FL, act as V.P. for the PTO at my kids’ school, and make wedding cakes. In my spare time, I’m a farm girl who loves her jersey milk cow, laying hens and organic garden. I also like my high heels and changing my hair often. I’m new to blogging, but have so much I want to say, I’ve been composing blogs in my head for years.

Samara Muntzinger



Hello! I’m Samara. I’m a SAHM living here in the city of Dayton with my husband and our 4 kiddos. My husband and I have been married since March of 2017 and couldn’t be happier. We actually met online a little over 2 years ago and fell head over heels in love almost immediately. That’s one message I’m extremely grateful I opened! I have two biological daughters, Charlotte (7) and our newest addition Freya, who was born in December. I’m also a proud step mama to two wonderful kids that help round out our “perfectly imperfect” blended family. In our spare time we enjoy traveling, good food and drinks, local events and being outdoors. We are also BIG animal lovers and have two crazy kitties that think they run our household. (Okay, they kinda do Ha!) In my personal spare time I enjoy writing, reading, and drinking as much coffee as I humanly can. I’m really a pretty average midwestern gal and kinda love that about myself. Life here in the Gem City is pretty great and I can’t wait to see how it continues to unfold.

Natasha Baker

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I am a modern farm girl, university instructor, wife of 25 years to husband David, mom of three – Makenna (15), Jaxon and Dylan (11yo identical twins) and I am working on my first novel. I look at life from a no-nonsense perspective and claim that my ability to always be able to go with the flow is my super power. I love writing about my farm adventures while raising pre-teen and teenage kids who hate everything about living somewhat off the grid. 

Molly Peters

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I am a mama of two awesome little girls! I stay at home with them during the day and go to Wright State University part-time. I also have two part-time jobs that help keep me busy! In my free time, I enjoy exercising, meditating, and watching Netflix with my husband. I am excited to share, learn, and grow here with Dayton Moms Blog!

Stephanie Johnson



Ciao Mamas! I’m Stephanie, mother of 2 little ladies, neuro rehab occupational therapist, photographer, health & wellness business owner, Sinclair adjunct faculty member and wife of a 6’4 IT guy. What else is left to say? Whoop! After growing up in Beavercreek, I received my BA in Psychology and my Masters of Occupational Therapy, both from Chatham College in Pittsburgh, PA. Against everything I could possibly control (insert – ‘wanted to move far away’) , I moved back to Ohio after grad school, and now you are stuck with me. This mama LOVESSS her hometown and is not leaving. I am a UD men’s basketball junkie who adores roasted broccoli, nut butter, and Guatemalan coffee (not all together mind you). I love my updated yet 1970s tri-level home (for real, they built some solid stuff in the 70s!), early morning power walks, the gym daycare (so I can sweat even more at boot camps), trying new foods, supporting local artisans, small hidden parks, sprinkler time in our backyard, pedicures completed by a professional (because it is just not the same when I attempt them), and I follow a strict ‘flip flops until the first snow’ rule. So don’t judge. I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding non stop since 2011 – so ask me anything about either one of those topics and I am sure I can give you some sort of (comical) insight. My heart is with serving others, helping mamas and kiddos reach optimal health in all forms, and staying connected closely with my Italian-American heritage. I have had the opportunity to travel the world since a small child, and while I continue to hold this passion, we all know its just “not the same” when you are cleaning sand out of preschooler swimsuits and psychotically reapplying the SPF 50-thousand to toddler skin every hour. The time shall come when i can actually lie on the beach, finishing one of the 400 books I own that I have yet to even flip open, while staring blankly at the ocean along with my husband. Until that day comes, it’s all about the Play-doh, splash pad, Shopkins and dress up clothes. Bring it!

Suzanne Hines

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Hello there! I’m Suzanne! I’m married to a law enforcement officer, and we are parents to three or four children, depending on how you look at it! Two are biological, one lives with us through the foster care system, and one was in our home (also through foster care) for nine months before moving on to live with her forever family. Our home is usually chaotic, a little bit messy and always full to the brim with laughter and love (although sometimes that love looks more like a choice than feelings). In my spare time, I love to cook, bake, read books and go for a nice, slow run. My biggest passion is writing, and I do so at my own little corner of the internet ( and here on the Dayton Mom’s Blog! 

Mallory Skidmore

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Hi!  I’m Mallory, and I am a proud native of Troy, Ohio. I now live in Beavercreek with my husband, Derrik, and our toddler daughter, Greer. She is a bundle of sass and the absolute light of our lives.  I am a former high school English teacher turned healthcare trainer. Some of my favorite things include ’90’s music, Hallmark movies, weekend getaways and vacations, birthdays, libraries, Winan’s coffee, and Laura’s cookies from Dorothy Lane Market.  I’m so excited to be here and share my parenting mishaps (because there are quite a few!) and successes. Motherhood is tiring, messy, and not always pretty, BUT it is by far the best and most rewarding job I will ever have!

Lisa Carlin

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Hi Everyone. I’m Lisa. I am a wife to an amazing husband and mama to Ella (almost 9), Liam (5), Aiden (5) and Adeline (7 months.) My family and I love exploring the local area, especially since neither my husband or I grew up here. We came for college (GO WRIGHT STATE) and never left! After working as a caseworker for 12 years, I now work full time as an Adoption Recruiter (a new position that I started before I had Adeline.) My spare moments (not that I have many) are spent taking photos, reading, or spending time with my twin mama friends!

Leslie Jeannet

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Originally from Louisiana, my family and I moved to Dayton in the fall of 2015 after my husband completed his commitment to the US Navy. I’m a SAHM to two sweet little boys (born in 2014 & 2016), and I love getting out and exploring everything that this city has to offer with them. My hobbies (when I have time… ha!) include crafting, photography, & baking.

Kim Estess

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I am a mom to Cece (June 2014) and Abby (May 2017). I work as an attorney practicing in the area of estate planning and probate. I’ve been married to my husband Adam for 5 years and live with my family in Centerville. When I’m not working or mom-ing, I enjoy running, working out under the stars at my favorite early morning bootcamp, and playing golf.

Sarah Flach



I am a mother of three loud, stubborn, noisy, wonderful boys. My husband and I both grew up in Beavercreek and love raising our family here. I stay busy by helping to run a gym, Dayton Strength and Conditioning, coaching high school soccer and stepping on a lot of Legos. I am learning through doing in basically all aspects of my life. I love all things coffee, perfectly fitting jeans and cute sayings on t-shirts. I have a personal blog about our journey, as a family, through my youngest son’s diagnosis and the challenges that have faced him thus far.

Kelsey Waddell

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Being a gem city baby, born and raised, along with a lengthy career in childcare, you’d think I’d have the Dayton Mom thing locked down like a pro. But does anybody? Ha! My two beautiful, hilarious, goofball children keep me on my toes as I attempt to balance taking care of them, loving my husband fiercely, leading our church’s children’s ministries, and general survival. I continually strive (and sometimes fail) to live a life that is authentic, honest, kind, and filled with joy.

Katie Nunnally

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Home is where the Air Force sends us, and right now, that’s Dayton! I’m originally from Colorado Springs, most recently lived in Ramstein, Germany, and now my husband and I are raising our five-year-old daughter and three year old son in the wonderful Gem City as my husband completes his PhD in Applied Statistics! I’m a recovering teacher who is still trying to figure out what her true career is meant to be. In the mean time, I’m a serial volunteer who overcommits my time to military spouse groups, church organizations, and trying to tire out my children in new and creative ways. I’m always up to hangout with friends until about 9:30, at which point I prefer to be in bed watching Frasier and texting my sister. I’m allergic to onions and ironing, feel most grown-up when I remember to set up my coffee maker the night before, and bulk eat chocolate. I spend any spare time I have cleaning my kitchen, planning to declutter my basement but never actually doing it, and scheming how to get back to England and Italy-which never ceases to get an eye roll from my husband. 

Teri Cremeans



I am the Mom to one handsome little man, Logan who turns two in March and the wife to my loving husband, James of 3 years. We hope to be adding on to our family soon! We call Fairborn home and it wasn’t until we had Logan that we’ve really been exploring Dayton. There’s so many fun places to go and we really enjoy the parks in the warmer weather. It also helps that I now work downtown (I’m an eLearning Consultant for CareSource) so I’m understanding where things are and what they have to offer. In my spare time I love to do projects around the house, bake, and binge watch my TV shows. That’s me in a nutshell!

Becky Hoy

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I am a Dayton native who vowed to pack up and leave for bigger sights but never made it further than Centerville. I’ve been married to a fellow Daytonian for five years, and we currently play house in the Englewood area. I have two bonus kiddos – a daughter (13) and a son (11) – and one daughter (3). When we aren’t playing soccer or hockey, our family enjoys checking out our area Metroparks and visiting local farms that host family events. To detox from life’s stressors, I love running, eating mass quantities of chocolate, reading, and praying — sometimes all at the same time.

Ashlyn Summers

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I am a Dayton transplant originally from Arizona, and stationed here with my husband in the Air Force. Two weeks before my first son was born, we brought home a German Shepherd puppy, and things have been crazy and wonderful ever since. I am also a former teacher, teaching English in 3 different states and 4 different grade levels. I most recently taught 11th grade in Arizona and am now staying home with my young son to make messy memories and devote my attention and support to our military lifestyle. With plenty of hilarity and experience to share, I am just starting out in the world of blogging and excited to join the Dayton Mom’s Blog community.

Amy Blair

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Hello! My name is Amy! I am married to my wonderful husband who works at Target! How awesome is that!?! I have three very beautiful girls. Savannah is in first grade, Lacie is in Kindergarten and Emma is my wild two-year-old! I work full time managing a team of escalated help desk associates at a call center. I’m completely addicted to Iced Chai Lattes and Starbucks. I love getting out and about as much as our hectic schedule allows – either exploring new places or revisiting our tried and true favorites!

Cheryl Brackemyre



Hi there! I grew up in Centerville and have lived close to the Dayton area ever since. I am married and live in Wilmington. Together my husband and I have 5 kids. Joe, 25 (and a sweet bonus daughter Allison- his wife), Austin -20, Sydney -20, Andrew -16, and Max -3. We are a blended family and say our crew is yours, mine and someone else’s as we adopted Max at birth. Adoption has changed our lives and family in more ways than we could have ever imagined. I am a children’s minister and have served in the Dayton are for over 23 years. Our crew is a crazy one and I hope to be able to share some of our adventures with you!

Katie Blauser

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Hi! I’m Katie, boy mama to 2, wife of a picky eater, photographer, business owner, exercise enthusiast, and food lover. I grew up in Kettering but moved away for college at Ohio University where I got a degree in Commercial Photography. After graduating college I moved to Columbus where I fell in love with my husband and the charm of the capital city! We quickly found ourselves back in Dayton after having our first baby. I never really thought I’d end up back in Dayton but we soon realized how much we wanted to be close to our families after starting our own! We love being back home. My husband grew up in Tipp City raising pigs and we are pretty much the definition of opposites attract. I love exploring local restaurants and shops all around Dayton and you’ll probably see me snapping photos to share on Instagram! I run my photography business from home, Blink of an Eye Photography, and even though trying to get things done as a work from home mom is anything but easy, I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Kathryn Dowell

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A Dayton native, I live with my partner and our three children. One has a color name, the middle a place, and the last sounded good with the other two (third child problems). I am passionate about conservation and recycling (it’s one of my love languages). Patterns and colors speak to me as a creative but I wish I made more time to express it (see aforementioned children). As a family, we love board and card games with an extensive collection and our own game table. Being a SAHM I enjoy finding local activities and grocery shopping (mini momcation if I grocery shop by self).

Emily O'Flynn-Fisher

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I am Mom to three beautiful handfuls: bonus daughter Zolie (8), son Griffin (7) and daughter Nora (1). When I am not working or wrangling the household, I enjoy getting out and about in Dayton with friends and family. I love the local Metroparks, craft beer community, independent restaurant scene, and drinking margaritas with my husband in our Belmont backyard. As a lifelong Gem City resident, I feel this city has countless perks to offer families and love bragging about all things Dayton. You can usually find me adding things to my virtual shopping cart for “one-hour pickup” because hello, taking three kids to the store is the worst.

Emily Bennett

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Hi, mamas! I’m Emily, born and raised in Springfield, Ohio, and now raising my family in the Champion City. I’m married to my college sweetheart (he’s from Springfield, too, and we knew each other in high school, but we didn’t make it Facebook official until our freshman year at Ohio State). We’re proud parents of a precious yet oh-so-rotten baby boy, MJ (b. November 2016), and a fur baby named Bentley. Needless to say, I am the queen of our household! I work full-time as a PR pro for a marketing-communication agency and am always striving to find the perfect work-life balance. I’m a Joanna Gaines wannabe, lover of all things rose gold and a self-diagnosed Target addict… I mean c’mon, what mama isn’t?! 

Elizabeth Fritz

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I am California grown but currently reside in the Dayton, Ohio area. I am a full-time wife, mother, and type one diabetic. I spend most of my days caring for my little family and trying to live my best life. I have been with my wonderful husband for almost 12 amazing years and we have two beautiful children; Addie who just turned the big 10, and Russ who just turned 3. Together they make up my whole heart. Between juggling the busy schedules and trying to get healthy I also advocate fiercely for the JDRF. My passions include; trying to read, writing, taking photos, learning new recipes, and spending time with my family. You can find me blogging at Life, or something like it. and tweeting about my everyday life. 

Jenn Grandlienard

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I grew up an East Coast girl, but now love calling the Midwest my home. I live in Southwest Ohio with my husband, Stuart, 2 sons, Knox and Zeke, and pup, Stella. My husband and I are on staff with Athletes in Action, a Christian ministry that teaches college athletes what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. I love to read, work out, laugh really hard with friends and spend time with my husband and boys. I blog about all these things and more over at OurGrandLife.

Erin Hecht

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Hey there! My name is Erin and I’m one hundred percent new to this blogging biz but I’m so happy to be here! I’m the wife to a handsome guy who swept me off my feet many years ago with his blue eyes and endless dad jokes, even though we weren’t parents yet. We are now Mom and Dad to a gorgeous, blonde-haired, 2 year-old that has the sweetest heart and the most infectious laugh. I am originally from north of Dayton near the airport and my husband is from Chicago. We now reside in Springboro and we really love it here. We finally feel settled in and like a part of a community. We are also an aviation family! (Insert all the nerdy/airplane emojis.) My husband is a commercial airline pilot for a major U.S. carrier which results in him being away from home for about half of the month on average. It truly is a lifestyle and has taken us many years to adjust, but we couldn’t imagine it any other way now. We are extremely fortunate that I’m able to stay at home with our daughter, so when my husband is home, we get a ton of family time in. Before I had our daughter I worked in the dental field, which was my first passion. Interests outside of “World’s Okayest Mom” include:  house projects, painting/staining furniture, travel, yard work (still learning), true crime anything, podcasts, and the great outdoors. This past year I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which has really stirred life up a bit. I’m genuinely looking forward to being able to write, share and hopefully reach lots of local, listening ears.

Emma St. Jacques

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Hi all! I am a mother of four very unique, independent children. I have two sons, two daughters, and one rock star husband of ten years. I grew up helping on our family farm, moved after graduation to attend a university in the south, and came back to the fabulous Dayton area to raise my family. I taught elementary education at a local public school, but have since reclaimed my roots in the family farm. If I am not hanging out with family, you can find me perusing thrift stores and flea markets, or working on a new DIY project.

Kate Stechschulte

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Hi! My name is Kate and my husband and I have lived in the Dayton area for almost 4 years. Before settling here we moved a lot and had 6 addresses in 4 states in 4 years. We’re happy to finally be putting down some roots and to call Dayton home! We have a little boy and a baby girl, both under 2, so we’ve been learning to navigate life as new parents. I have a marketing and project management business that takes me to client offices a few days a week, otherwise I work from home. I enjoy running, appetizers, reading, and when I get a free minute I write on Kate Writes.

Kary Ellen Berger

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I am a wife, mother, and all-around busy person! My twin girls and little boy keep me busy with their activities and adventures in the evening and I work full-time in the communications office of a private high school during the day. We live in Springboro, but also called Huber Heights our home for eight years. I am excited to share stories of what motherhood has been like for me so far!

Jetta Massie

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Hello! My name is Jetta and I am a stay at home first time mom to a silly little girl name Elliott. My husband and I currently live in New Carlisle, but my hometown is the beautiful Troy. I am addicted to Starbucks iced coffee and spending hours wondering around Target. My dream is to be a Food Network Star. I just have to learn how to cook first. Everyday is an adventure in my life by learning how to be domesticated and how to be a mommy.

Dusty Kalback

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Hi, I’m Dusty! I’m a southern Ohio girl, living smack dab in between Cincinnati and Dayton. I’m a wife, mom, stepmom and work full time, so my life feels very busy most of the time! My husband and I have been married since November 2013. We are parents to all girls! We have 3, so needless to say, he is outnumbered in our little family. I’ve always enjoyed blogging as a hobby, so I am very excited to be a part of this Dayton Moms Blog! I hope everyone enjoys my thoughts and perspectives on motherhood!

Carrie Breitwieser

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Hello, I’m Carrie!  A transplant to Springboro from Cincinnati, always in search of new adventures and fun for my family. Married for four years now, I have a two-year-old little dude and am a stepmom to an 11-year-old (going on 16). Trained as a Social Worker (LISW-S), I left my job of 10 years to temporarily dive into the life of a SAHM. In my “spare time,” I love to hit the trails for a run, travel to distant lands, or dabble in photography.