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A Valentine’s Walk Down Memory Lane

Once upon a time, it was just the two of you. Seems like an eternity ago, right? When you’re knee deep in late night feeds, witching hours, sleep regressions, tantrums, and potty training, it can be hard to remember a time before babies. But a long time ago, in a land far, far away, it was just you and your significant other. Maybe you had faithful date nights, binge-watched TV shows, or frequently traveled as a couple. One thing is for certain: your romantic life changes a lot with the addition of a little one (or more)!   

In honor of Valentine’s Day, some of the DMB mamas are reminiscing about those first sparks and how we met our partners.

Mallory – I never imagined telling our children that Mommy and Daddy met at a bar, but lo and behold, that’s how it happened! [Insert an age-appropriate drinking responsibly lecture for the kids here.] It was December 2010, and my friends and I were enjoying a night out. A group of guys came into the bar, and my future husband asked me if they could share our table. We spent the rest of the evening talking, texted nonstop afterwards, went on our first date 2 weeks later, and that was that! Not exactly the most romantic encounter, but one that leaves me forever grateful to Bar Louie for changing it all. #frombarhoppingtobabyrocking

Leslie – We are from completely different parts of the country and met in high school while attending a summer camp called “The National Youth Leadership Forum on Technology”. We were in the same small group but were only friends. We kept in touch for a little while, lost contact for a bit, and then reconnected during college. He took a trip during a school break to visit me, and the rest is history. #nerdcamplove

Casey – I was a college freshman hanging out in my RA’s room. He was her senior-in-high-school brother visiting for the weekend. A year later she and I were BFF’s, and he was on campus full-time. We took classes together, watched hockey and football together (Go Redhawks!), and hung out socially for years, but he was always my friend’s brother, and I was always dating someone else, until I wasn’t. He graduated and accepted a job in my area. We grabbed dinner as friends, which was followed by a BAD first date that ended in a great conversation that led to lots of much better dates, a thoughtful engagement (on his sister’s birthday <3), 10 years of marriage and two incredible kids.  #mybestfriendsbrother

Sarah – When I moved back to Ohio after college, my next door neighbor was my now husband’s childhood best friend. The night we met, I decided he was annoying and I didn’t like him. We had a big debate about why guys thought I was awesome to hang out with but wasn’t dating material. I tolerated him in an acquaintance role for a couple years after that. Then one night, at our mutual friend’s Navy going away party, for some weird reason we started really talking and had a great time. We have been together ever since. #notdatingmaterial

Stephanie – My husband’s grandfather was one of my patients on an inpatient rehab unit. After weeks of working with him and his family, he passed away. (This NEVER happens on inpatient rehab) I met his grandson during one random treatment session, but never really thought much of it.  (I meet lots of grandsons-lol). I attended the viewing with some other co-workers, and my now father-in-law said, “Stephanie, you clean up really nice when you aren’t in your scrubs. Have you met my son, Derek?” Soon after, I sent in an online condolence to the funeral home, and he e-mailed me to thank me. One thing led to another, and he met me out one evening with my friend at Barnes and Noble. Now we are married with two kids! I knew my mom had it right when she told me to ALWAYS have lip gloss in my pocket at work because you never know who you will meet! #funeralpickup

Dusty – We were friends for years as teenagers, and he was my boyfriend’s best friend. When we were 24, we started dating. I kind of left my ex for him. Needless to say, we don’t really talk to my ex. Our love story is kind of a strange one, but still a love story nevertheless. #wedonttalkaboutmyex

Amy – I hired my husband! I was a manager at a fast food restaurant and he had previous experience. After a super quick interview, I hired him. It took a little while, but we eventually started dating and married not long after. I always joke that if I knew I was going to marry him, I would have asked him more questions during his interview!! #marriagewithasideoffries

Teri – We met 10 years ago through friends at work and dated for two weeks, then decided it wasn’t a good fit at the time. Two years after that, I reached out to him after seeing him often at work, and we went on our first date to see Avatar two days after Christmas. Thankfully, the timing was right then, and we’ve been together ever since.  #secondtrywasthecharm

Carrie – Little did I know, my love story would be a click away. Let’s be honest, I was no spring chicken. My friends were stampeding toward marriage, and I was left lonely in their dust. I needed to do something drastic and finally took the plunge into eHarmony. It was empowering, hilarious, and my friends couldn’t wait for the stories. Guys were dropping like flies until I saw my future husband’s profile. He said I was the very first person he was matched with. If fireworks could have burst out of the computer screen, they would have. It was an instant connection for both of us. Fast forward to our first date at a Thai restaurant when I brought him his very own “mixed tape.” Perhaps a bit premature, but when you know, you know. We have been married four years and are going strong, all thanks to the science of online dating.  #lovewasoneclickaway

Samara – My husband and I met on the dating app OK Cupid. I had a tendency to nickname the guys I was talking to, and he ended up with the nickname “hipster dad”. Luckily, the date was amazing, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. That was two years ago, and things are still going strong. #hipsterdadforthewin

Kim – I met Adam online—but the twist to our story is that we both were law students at UD! I signed up on after a nasty breakup just to give myself a little hope that there were guys worth dating here in Dayton. I was back in town after college and had decided to come here for law school to be closer to my then-boyfriend. I did a lot of wondering what the heck I was doing back in Dayton after that breakup. Adam and I went out for drinks at Fox and Hound and clicked right away. I wasn’t looking for anything serious coming off a long-term relationship, but after a couple of dates, I knew he was worth continuing to see. It’s still amazing to me that he was right under my nose at law school the whole time—but he was a class ahead of me and we might never have crossed paths if it weren’t for Match. #lawschoolromance

Audrey -My husband and I met in 9th grade. Who really “dates” for real at 13 or even 15? Not us, apparently. Despite me breaking up with him in a note once and breaking up with him a second time to go visit my ex, we got back together a third time. That one stuck for us and its been 18 years of bliss, 13 of those married. #thethirdtimereallyisacharm

It is important to remember that there was life before parenthood and to prioritize your relationship. Celebrating Valentine’s Day can be a fun way to reignite those newly dating butterflies and remind yourselves that you are more than just Mommy and Daddy. We’d love to hear how you met your partner! Leave a message in the comments all about your own love story.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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  1. Leslie
    Leslie February 14, 2018 at 1:48 pm #

    I love hearing “how we met” stories! These hashtags really take-the-cake though! 😉 Love it! Great compilation!

    • malloryskidmore
      malloryskidmore February 17, 2018 at 4:57 pm #

      It was so fun! Makes me want to do some more of these compilation type posts! Time to get brainstorming!