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Miami Valley Moms – VIII :: Meet Stephanie

Welcome to Part VIII of the Miami Valley Moms series – where we moms get to know each other and the Dayton area.  Here we will interview moms all over the Miami Valley to get their opinion on everything from their favorite place for a date night to great parks in the area.

MOD Stephanie (2)

Name: Stephanie

Age of children: 2 girls (3.5 & 18-months)

Location: Kettering

Describe your parenting style in one word: Flexible

Favorite place to dine with children: First Watch at town & Country

Favorite date night restaurant? Elsa’s on Wilmington Pike

If you were going to meet a friend for a drink – where would we find you: Eudora Brewing Company

App on Your Phone you can’t live without: Pintrest (Tried & Yummy – 444 recipes that she’s tried and that her family loves – curious which ones she likes – click here to see her Pintrest page!)

Cleaning product cannot live without:  Shaklee Basic H2 – PH-balanced for your skin – and it has 1000 different uses. (If you want to check it out – click here)

Favorite festival or event in Dayton to take your family to: Sons of Italy Italian Fest

Favorite Age & Why: I’m going to cry – but between 1.5-2 years, watching the language development, awareness of environment.  Watching them respond to something new.

Favorite Non-Profit: SICSA

SuperPower: Invisible – to observe people when I am not around.

Favorite Quote:  “I will own my morning” – Mantra

Guilty Pleasure: Yoga pants and anything that is Peanut Butter + Chocolate

Favorite Word: Funky – from my nickname Funky Fantooza

Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten & from whom: Husband “Don’t pressurize things” – you have to give yourself a break.

Biggest fear about raising your children: So much craziness in the world right now – keeping them safe.  Random violent acts worry me and make me scared.

Favorite playground or park: Shafor Park in Oakwood & Kennedy Park Splash Pad

Do you have a go to recipe for your family – what is it – will you share:

Banana Egg Pancakes…


Banana Egg 

Anything last tip about Dayton you want to share with other mommas in Dayton?  Try new places…we are big 2nd Street Market visitors.  There are so many free events to take advantage – festivals, parks…etc.  We do a lot in the suburbs.

It was so nice to ‘meet’ you Stephanie!  We always love a great new park…and we cannot wait to try your Banana Egg Pancakes! THANK YOU.

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