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When Kids Crash Your Romantic Getaway

A “just us” getaway. Something that hadn’t occurred in almost 8 years was in the works. Eight years and four kids later we were way past due. Ohio was cold so the beach was the place to go. We planned it all out. Mapped out the perfect locations and began to budget.

As the weather got even colder and my pale skin seemingly got paler, excitement grew. I couldn’t wait for Spring Break to get here so that I could spend those sweet moments pouring time and love into our relationship. I dreamed of us walking hand in hand along the beach. Sleeping in (although I’m not sure I even know the meaning of those words anymore). Drinking pina colada’s under an umbrella while listening to the waves come in. 

Then I woke up from my beautiful dream to discover that our plan was crumbling apart. Our “just us” getaway wasn’t going to occur. Running into an unexpected speed bump, we had to change our path and turn it into an “all of us” vacation. My thoughts of walking hand in hand along the beach turned into fear of my now crawling 9-month-old washing away in the ocean. Sleeping in was a faded memory of wishful thinking. Those sounds of waves crashing in I knew would be cries of “are we there yet?” My heart sunk as I began to realize that the alone time I so desperately desired with this man I love so much was going to have to wait, again

Then the unexpected happened. Our children crashed our vacation, and it ended up being one of the most amazing trips we have ever been on. It was our first family vacation as a family of six. Instead of cries, the older three sang songs from “The Greatest Show” on the top of their lungs. We didn’t make a single stop for the baby the entire drive. My 9-month-old wasn’t swept away by the ocean. In fact, she loved the sand, the water, the sun. No fighting occurred. It was a MIRACLE! We watched as our twin boys danced for a crowd, cheering them on as they did. I got to walk hand in hand on the beach. Not with my husband, but rather my 9-year-old who was needing some good mama time. We searched for sea shells, ate all the food, and laughed. 

We fell into bed each night exhausted, but so fulfilled. 

It wasn’t the trip we expected. Romantic is not a word I would use to describe it. It was simply the best family bonding time that I never knew we needed. My babies are growing at an exceedingly fast pace. These moments, these unexpected blessings, are ones I will cherish for a lifetime. Even if it means our just us getaway will have to wait a little bit longer. 

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