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My Love/Hate Relationship with Facebook

I love social media.  

I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and this hip 40 something has Snapchat. Social media is a great way to connect and let’s be honest, keep tabs on my teens. The days of having your kids call you when they get to prom are over, you can just follow their snaps or their Instagram story and see exactly where they are and what they are doing.

I remember when I first joined the land of Facebook, a friend who was in college at the time informed me that I have just ruined it for all the cool college kids, so thanks!

I do love the connections Facebook has provided and given me a network. I’ve announced wedding plans on Facebook, when we have adopted on Facebook and even when I was in search for pinecones for a Pinterest project (I have a Pinterest account too).

I have a college roommate who lives in Australia and how fun it is to message her on Facebook and keep in touch. A former intern of mine lives in France and I can see all of her adventures as they unfold through social media. A few weeks ago she posted a video on Instagram of she and her Dad riding bikes under the Eifle Tower, so cool to be able to “see” her.

I post on social media from time to time, sometimes more than others and love to see what others post for the most part, and even learn a thing or two when I browse.

I do however hate what Facebook and all of social media has done to us.

Let me explain:

I was at a grocery shopping for my Dad (who really needs to try ClickList) and found myself at a store in the town that I grew up and where I normally run into people that I know. As I was looking for just the right crackers I see a friend that I went to High School with. I smiled and said “Hello, How are you?”……..and she smiled and walked right by me. I had not seen her in at least 10 years….and she walked by??? This took me back, I know I look 2x the size I was in High School, but my curly hair is a dead give away that it is me. Then I began playing EVERY interaction I have ever had with her over in my mind, searching for ways I could have offended, and nothing came to mind.

When I got home, I sent her a message, asked how she was and told her that I saw her at the grocery store and said Hi, and wanted to know if everything is ok.

Her answer makes me hate social media. She said that she didn’t have time to talk and she really didn’t need to say anything to me. She knew all about my life, about my divorce, my remarriage, about how crazy it was that my husband and I adopted. She continued that since we are Facebook friends, I must know all about her and she really didn’t feel like talking.

Shame on us for allowing social media to take away the handshakes, the hugs, and the human interaction.

A week or so later, when at the same store I ran into a mom of twins that I had gone to church with. I follow her on social media. I remembered the previous time in the store with my friend and went up to the mom and said Hi and greeted her with a hug. We talked and talked about her twins, gave some High Fives and learned so much about them by that interaction.

Facebook is great, but it should not be a substitution for face to face meetings and really talking to one another. People put on social media such a small part of their lives, don’t forget to take time to listen and look at another human while they talk.

Let’s not let Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat rob us from that human touch and interaction that we all need.

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