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Ode to the Elusive Changing Station

There are lots of things I didn’t appreciate before I had a child. Sleep. Accessible doors and sidewalks for when the babe is in a stroller. Taking my time to enjoy dinner.

The biggest one? A public restroom with a changing station.

The dream is to have a changing station in both the women’s and men’s rooms; but in my experiences, I would’ve been overjoyed with any type of accommodation.

The time I changed the baby on a bathroom sink at a golf course.

We were at a wedding at an older golf course. It was a beautiful location and a lovely wedding. My baby was 2 months old, so naturally, she needed her diaper changed constantly. You would think a venue that hosts lots of events, would have SOMETHING for parents with babies. Nope.

We changed her on the vanity sink in the bathroom, on the floor of a quiet hallway, and twice on a couch in a lounge.

The time I changed the baby next to the table in a restaurant.

I was at lunch with my sister-in-law at a cute little restaurant. The restaurant was new, but the building was old. The bathroom was literally the size of a closet. Definitely no changing station, and no chance of changing the baby safely anywhere in the bathroom.

I changed her on her changing pad on the floor right next to the table where we were eating.

The many times I changed the baby in the back of the car.

As my daughter has gotten older and the weather warmer, we’ve found it easier just to take her out to the car to change her than to find a “clean” spot on the floor of the bathroom. I keep a blanket in the back of the car just for this purpose. Then I carry the dirty diaper back into the venue with me to wash my hands. Not ideal.

There are some places that have excellent changing stations.

It seems that newer locations are more likely to changing stations (in both the women’s and men’s!), even breweries. However, even older locations can adapt. I’ve seen Lily’s Bistro in Dayton include a changing station in their remodel. I’ve had lunch at The Gruff in Covington where they used a large flat-top cart as a changing station.

As a parent, when I see these accommodations at the places that I want to eat/shop/play at, it’s like finding buried treasure. It makes me feel like the company values me as a person and not just as a customer. They want me to come back, and I do.

Where is the most interesting place you have had to change your little one’s diaper?

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2 Responses to Ode to the Elusive Changing Station

  1. Leslie
    Leslie January 12, 2018 at 12:13 pm #

    I have to admit, the only time I’ve ever used a public changing table was out of desperation when traveling through airports… The germophobe in me just can’t bring myself to do it unless I have no other choice lol. On a typical day if we’re out somewhere I’ll just change my diaper-wearing kid in the back of my car 😉

  2. Suzanne Hines January 13, 2018 at 8:44 pm #

    One time we were on the ferry from Mackinaw Island to the mainland in Michigan. It’s a short ferry ride, but our daughter needed a diaper change. The bathroom was TINY and the diaper was a bad one. The ferry was dipping up and down in the waves and my husband said that was the hardest place he has ever changed a diaper!!