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The Always Late Mom

We’ve all heard about the different types of moms out there. The Crunchy Mama. The Cool Mom. The Helicopter Mom. Me? I’m the Always Late Mom.  

You know my kind – always dropping their kid off to classes or practices after everyone else is already lined up stretching. The mom you hear screeching “hurry up!!!” as if everyone’s life depended on it.  

It’s not that I want to be late or don’t care, I just can’t seem to arrive on time. Ever. I’ve gotten lots of good advice over the years. Wake up earlier. Set an alarm. Be more prepared. Go a different way. Trust me, I’ve tried all of them. One day I was up TWO HOURS earlier than normal. I was still late.

I have a clock in every room so it’s not like I lose track of time. And to be honest, the tips and tricks to being on time do help. If I know it is going to be a hectic morning, I’ll lay out outfits the night before. I’ll also get drink cups and baggies of cereal all ready to go in the diaper bag. This definitely removes an element of stress. 

One morning, my oldest daughter was complaining about us always being late. I asked her which she preferred – to sleep later and have to hurry or to be woken up earlier and have more time to get ready. She thought about it and said get up earlier. Which I thought was pretty mature for a six-year-old! So I really can’t blame the kids. At work, no one even bats an eye unless I’m more than thirty minutes late. My family jokes (warns) that they are going to tell me a different time for get-togethers to ensure I arrive in a timely manner. Kids just make it way worse. Why is it kids can run at hyperspeed when they are offered ice cream but ask them to get their shoes on and get in the van and it’s like Elsa has frozen them into place! Or, quite inconveniently they have to use the bathroom! I was ready to go not only on time but early one morning and even had my daughter ready for school. I asked her to run and use the bathroom really quickly before heading out. Yeah, ten minutes later she’s finally finished and I’m once again crying out the always late mama mantra of “hurry, hurry, hurry!” 

So to all those Always On Time Moms and even the Always Early Moms, I salute you! You amaze me! Great job! And to my fellow Always Late Moms – air high five (cause no one’s got time to actually stop)! You can do it! Now hurry up!

2 Responses to The Always Late Mom

  1. Suzanne Hines October 9, 2017 at 9:02 am #

    My Mom is the always late Mom. We always told her times that were earlier so that she would be on time when she was late. We joke about it to this day. Sometimes it was hard for me as a child to be late to everything- it was embarrassing to me.

    But now I’m that Mom. Mostly, I’m on time…but with three kids it’s nearly impossible for me to be on time for anything. So to my Mom…I totally get it now.

    • Amy Blair October 9, 2017 at 10:50 am #

      I’m trying to get better for the sake of the kids. I don’t want them in trouble in school because of me!
      But it’s sooooo hard!!!!