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“Are those your man pants?” And other funny things my kid says!

Over the years my kid has said some pretty funny things. As I share them with my family they tell me I need to start writing them down. I have a note in my phone that I use to keep a running record of the funny things she has said over the years. I don’t remember to jot every single one of them down, but when I do and I look back at them I can’t help but laugh.  The thought ‘Where does she come up with this stuff?’ always pops in my head. Below are a few of the laughable things she has said over the years (with context in which they occurred, because they are even funnier in context!).

“You’re a medium mommy.” Thank goodness for that! In context she was comparing me to herself and my husband but I am thrilled to be acknowledged as a medium mommy!

“Are those your man pants?” This was said to my husband when he was wearing his Darth Vader pajama pants. They will forever be known as the “man” pants.

“Daddy, I’m cheese sick” Our guess was she was tired of having cheese, but she would double over and pretend to be sick when she said this. She used this statement for quite a while, when we offered her cheese. The days of being “cheese sick” have passed.

“Why mommy, why, why, why? Hit me mommy” Taken out of context this one seems bad. I think she was trying to say help me mommy. This was also said during a diaper change at the Magic Kingdom. If you’ve ever been there with one in diapers you know this is not an easy feat. Couple it with an awful diaper rash and it’s about ten million times worse. I did not make any eye contact with anyone in that bathroom. My parents, whom were standing outside the bathroom could hear every bit of that. My dad never let me live that one down.

“Mommy, you peed on the potty! Woohoo!” Who hasn’t been told this one during potty training when you are out shopping with your toddler?  Have you been cheered by the lady sitting next to you as well? I certainly have! Thanks Ella-Grace for having the ladies room patrons cheer me on too!

“Because of the truth!” I mean, who can argue with that. I don’t enter into power struggles often with my child but this was the response my husband and I both have received during the ones we have entered. You can’t argue with the truth. From the adult side arguing the truth doesn’t work on a three year old!

“I’m serious. It’s for real!” When did my then four year old become a teenager? It doesn’t sound as funny in my adult voice, but a little four year old telling you this makes it very hard to maintain that steady face.

“Mommy, did you eat me?” When looking at ultrasound pictures we came across during a move, Ella-Grace asked me what the pictures were. I told her they were from when she was growing in my belly. Her face got really serious and then she asked me if I ate her. From a three year old mindset, that is how stuff gets in our belly.

“Buses” This was the word “because” and I giggled every time she said it. She had a few words she would mispronounce from time to time and this one ranked right up there with my favorites. She also mispronounced ghost for “Ghoost” because ghosts say oooo and yellow was “lellow”.

“Ride a cowboy!” This one was said while riding one of the quarter horse rides at the store. She happened to have a hat on her head that day and she lifted it up in the air and waved it around too!

I am grateful for my girl and all the things she says and does that make me laugh. Someday, I’ll be so glad I wrote them down!

What’s the funniest thing your kid has said? Tell me in the comments!

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