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Freezer Meal Swap 101

what's the hype All About-
Recently, I worked with a group of 5 other Moms to have a freezer meal swap. The basic idea is that you make multiples of the same meal and swap with other moms. Its easier (and sometimes more cost effective) to prep the same meal multiple times than it is to prep different meals. I have been in a cooking rut and so I’m excited to try some new meals. In addition, September is super crazy for my family so I’m relieved to have some pre-made meals which I can throw in the crock pot or the oven.

Need some ‘pinspiration‘ for great make-ahead freezer meals?  Check out the Dayton Moms Blog Pinterest Freezer Meal Board for a collection of ideas!

freezer meal:: Tips & Lessons Learned from My First Experience ::

My first tip when you start planning is to make sure you get a commitment from Moms when deciding on a date. I didn’t want to make too much or too few meals. Everyone is so busy and some families have dietary restrictions. When I first started to coordinate, there were a few moms who expressed interest but then decided it wasn’t right for them at the time so the number of meals each mom was to make kept changing.


1. Find interested people! It may be helpful to start with people you know. It’s helpful if the Moms are reliable.

2. Decide on a date! With sports, school, work and various other activities, most moms are super busy.

3. Start a Facebook group or e-mail group where everyone can share recipes so that duplicates aren’t made.

4. Decide on guidelines. Ours were simple:

  • Each meal should be enough to feed 4-6 people.
  • Each meal should include recipes attached.
  • Each meal should be packaged in a disposable container which is reasonably spill proof- if using ziploc bags, please double bag.
  • When meals are brought to the swap, they should be frozen.
  • Each Mama will prepare _ meals.
  • Meals should be a dinner entree (not dessert nor breakfast, etc.) but sides do not have to be included.

5. Make room in your freezer ahead of time!

6. Cook! Be sure to package meals appropriately so that they can be transported without spilling everywhere but also stored in the freezer.

7. Exchange!


Pros to Freezer Meal Exchange Groups

  • Save money buying ingredients in bulk
  • Save time cooking a huge portion of the same meal
  • Try meals you might not otherwise try
  • Make new friends

Cons to Freezer Meal Exchange Groups

  • Less control over ingredients
  • Might not like the meal {but that’s the case anytime you try a new recipe}


What is your favorite freezer meal? Do you have Freezer Meal Swap Tips?

We would love to see your recipes!

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