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{Easy} DIY Knotted Headband

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Knotted knit headbands are all the rage right now and super adorable. Sometimes you just want something in a specific color or you see cute fabric and you have to have it – for you or your little ones.

I personally enjoy making hair accessories for my daughters to give their outfits personal touches. Making a knotted headband is very easy – all you need is access to a sewing machine and the ability to sew a (mostly) straight line. Heck, you could still get the job done with a little hand sewing in front of the TV.



>> First, pick out your favorite knit fabrics & get 1/8 yard per headband

>> Trim any salvage edges off and fold it in half so you have a long rectangle :: NOTE :: the outside (the side you want shown) needs to be on the ‘inside’ – you will be sewing it inside out, almost)

>> Once you have a rectangle, pin together along the open side, curving towards the folded side at the ends. Sew it together, leaving a gap in the middle. SO, following the diagram below…the top is open and the bottom is the crease. Pin along the dotted line and sew along that same line, leaving a gap (similar to the line with the arrows).headband graphic>> Trim off any excess fabric and threads. So if you are looking at the above diagram…anything above the dashed line.

>> Now, use that little part you left open to turn the whole thing right side out. Top stitch to close the hole – in other words, just neatly sew that hole shut by hand!

>> Final Step – Tie it on your little girls head into a cute knot. Add some shades for fun!

Voila! Done! That’s it!


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