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The Day I Stopped Buying Cards.

No. I’m not trying to start a coup against Hallmark, or the convenient dollar store card collection, I have been on a dual mission lately – to find ways to preserve memories while simultaneously minimizing . You heard me, I’m attempting a double standard here.

Mothers Day 2014 was the beginning of a new era in our home. It was the day we (my husband and I) agreed to hault all card buying. That’s right. No more cards for birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s or Mother’s day, and the list continues. Are we going for some big rebellious act here? Nope. Simply wanting this minimizing and decluttering stage to last in our home, not be a phase, and refine some ways we choose to both spend money as well as preserve joyous occasions. Thanks to a post I found on Pinterest, we decided to implement a new tradition in our home – individual journals. My husband purchased a journal for me, and I for him, and we began this journey of creativity and family participation.  Instead of trying to find that perfect card (that I have yet to find), we create our own. Crayons, glitter, glue, photos, kid’s hand prints, poems about daddy, lists about mommy – the options are endless.

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All I know is that I cherish my small pinstriped colorful journal that my husband found for me. I know every holiday or joyous occasion it will be filled with love from my husband and both of my girls. I enjoy sitting and flipping through it on random days, and I especially look forward to starting our girls’ journals beginning this year. Instead of sifting through multiple cards, deciding which to keep and which to pitch, there will be 4 journals to place nicely in our bookshelf. I can only imagine how many journals we will fill up, thus how many sweet memories we can relive for decades to come. Now, the only problem I am having is picking out a journal for each of my girls. I like to call it the ‘curse of TJ Maxx’ (for real, why do they have to have the cutest and most random housewares and office supplies?).

SOOO how can you begin a ‘no card buying’ philosophy in your home?

1- talk to your better half and get on the same page. Some people are definitely ‘card’ people – and that is   OK!  Maybe you want something different for you – so try it.

2 – find a simple journal you like. Check out AmazonTarget, or TJMaxx; they tend to have many unique options with varying designs and sizes. Purchase a seperate journal for each family member. Price points may vary, so shop around.

3 – be creative. Have the kids use multiple types of art media to decorate their ‘Happy Birthday Daddy’ pages. Take photos of your kids as they fill out the journal and include these in the journal.  Include photos of the entire family during that season (ie. winter birthday? include photos from Christmas or snow play).

4- be limitless. Write in the journal on non-holidays as well. Bored on a rainy Saturday? Write your love a note.

5 – enjoy the journey. Be mindful of how handwriting changes and coloring evolves (gahh! sniff sniff hand me the kleenex please!). Note the coffee stained pages when you hurried to finish a page yourself, or the 100  Doc McStuffins stickers the baby placed on one single page.  Become aware of how the different phases in your relationship with both your children and your life partner  are recorded – memories are made in all seasons of life.

Mamas, if you haven’t been able to tell by my past posts, I’m all about trying new things. I am a ‘rule follower’ in so many aspects of my life, and yet a rule breaker in so many others.

What ‘out of the box’ ideas do you implement to keep memories alive in your home?



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  1. Stephanie October 21, 2015 at 1:03 pm #

    Love this idea!