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Celebrate National Chocolate Pudding Day

puddingIt’s hard not to be transported back to your childhood when you think of chocolate pudding. Whether it was a dessert in your school lunch or a special treat from a grandparent, chances are it is associated with some fond memories. This year National Chocolate Pudding Day (did you know that existed?) is on June 26th. I have put together the top 3 things you can do with your children to celebrate the day and make chocolate pudding a memorable part of their childhood as well:

  1. Finger Painting– Even the littlest ones in your home can party with chocolate pudding the hands-on way. With or without paper, put some pudding in front of a little one and give them permission to—gasp!—play with their food. It’s a yummy and messy way to explore the texture and flavor of pudding. Trust me, it’s worth it.
  2. Pudding Pops– Perfect for summer, just mix up a batch of chocolate pudding, pour it into a popsicle mold or paper cup with a stick and freeze for a few hours. Enjoy the chocolate mustaches that will inevitably appear on your little ones’ faces as they slurp on their frozen treat
  1. Dirt Pudding– Kids love to pretend they are eating something yucky, and dirt pudding, complete with gummy worms, is the perfect treat for doing just that. After preparing some chocolate pudding, layer it in a cup with crushed Oreos and top it off with gummy worms after chilling according to the directions. This is a great treat for kids to eat in a group, as they love to show others just how gross they can be eating “dirt”.

What other ways does your family enjoy chocolate pudding?

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