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The Clutter Bomb

the THE CLUTTER BOMBThe clutter bomb.

One day while searching for the 15th missed item of the week. ..(A task that requires ninja likemovement to keep from mowing down the stacks of randomness on every flat surface in the house), I had a nervous break down. Toys that were not put away where flying while things spewed from my mouth I swore I’d never say around my kids. And I don’t mean f bombs, but things that create more work for me like “that’s it! I’m bagging up everything and selling it while you’re at school!”

Almost as divine placement, someone posted about a home organizer, named Less, in a local moms’ group. I messaged her faster than my kids make a mess. I assumed it would end like the 15 others I messaged and nothing would come of it. One lady actually never came back after the consult. And, I was a little nervous contacting Less. As she describes herself as a minimalist that wants to help clear the joy sucking items out of your house.

This had me in a panic.

As badly as I wanted my house organized I did not want someone forcing me to donate my grandmother’s China because it had no use to me daily.

Oh my goodness, Rose couldn’t be further from the militant person I expected to show up. I opened the door to this sweet yoga pants wearing woman that instantly made me feel safe and calm and like it was going to be okay! She has 3 kiddos herself and just gets it. Never once have I ever felt judged or shamed. When I get overwhelmed she instantly sees it, and helps me get past it. She gets the emotional aspect to the process.

Rose uses the super popular approach I had not heard of from the teachings of KonMari. It’s been talked about a lot, even here on Dayton Moms Blog. Items I’m torn on, she asks me “Does this bring you joy? If yes, let’s find a place. If no, let’s donate or sell it.”

To give you a little background on our situation, over 7 years we moved 6 times (3 were across country), had 2 more kids back to back and an accident that turned the family in total upheaval for 6 months. Our house was not dirty, just like a bomb went off and I couldn’t wrap my head around the stuffed animal shaped shrapnel! Think less Hoarders I found a dead cat in the pile…and more CRAP! That’s the outfit I bought 3 years ago for my kid! We did have paths carved out by stuff, but  we had  lost control over some areas. It was overwhelming and depressing.

The best things she said while I’m deer eyed freaking out (calm doesn’t last long for was not to over process the process. This was HUGE for me. My mind said do the entire room and figure a system before you purge. Rose always has to remind me to:

1. do small sections at a time and

2. focus on purging the items

THEN plan the system.

By doing it “backwards”, you don’t put back what all fits, you only put back what you really want.

Ahhhh….cue the clouds opening and the angels singing!

Rose and I spend 3-4 hours every other week on my house. She has given us a system for our mail and paperwork. Gave us back an entire room in our house. Re-figured my work space. Made our entry way more functional. Gave my husband a more functional work area. AND leaves me very detailed to do lists to prep for next time or finish that room. I can very proudly scream from the rooftops, I’ve been able to purge 25 bags of baby stuff, toys, paper and just crap in 4 visits!

I LOVE Rose of Less Home Organization.


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