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Ways to Remember Loved Ones Without Releasing Balloons

When we lose people – or even pets – we love, the pain is very real.

So real, it’s almost tangible. We desperately need to still feel them around us. Add to that explaining it all to your kids when all you want to do is curl up and cry yourself to sleep. Well, that’s just enough to break us. So, we love to find special ways to still feel close to our loved ones. One very popular way is to write messages on balloons and release them to heaven.

While this seems like such a beautiful way to remember someone, it’s incredibly harmful to animals and the environment. (By taking plastic, rubber, chemicals and tossing them in some random location, it is possible they are consumed by an unsuspecting animal or they are wrapped around a poor animal’s body part until real damage occurs.) At the very least, it’s just plain littering. You wouldn’t just toss your water bottle or coke can on the ground or into a nearby creek when you’re finished with it. Am I right?

I’m guessing you are someone who loves this planet we live on and wants to leave it in great shape for your kids and their kids and so on. Maybe you just haven’t really ever thought of releasing balloons as littering. I hope that now you will. But that still leaves your poor broken heart and finding a way to remember your family member or dear friend (whether 2 or 4 legged). I think I can help!

In lieu of the balloons, here are a few ideas for ways to remember, celebrate, and “communicate” with your dearly departed.

  1. River rocks. Use chalk to write a message and throw them into a favorite fishing spot or bury them along a favorite walking path.
  2. Flower petals. These work best dried, but send kisses and wishes by throwing them on a breezy day.
  3. Insects. Fireflies, butterflies, and ladybugs are great messengers and will carry your message to your loved one.
  4. Trees. They grow so close to heaven, touch them and speak your wishes and when you see the leaves wave above, you know your message was delivered.
  5. Plant or build something. Plant a tree, a bed of perennial flowers or build something such as a bench or birdhouse. These things will last for a long time and will be a daily reminder of those you want to remember always.

If none of these options seem just right for you, hold a family brainstorming session and see if you can figure out another EEarth-friendlyway to remember those who’ve passed. You’ll be surprised at what you might come up with.

Most of all, be sure to still talk about your loved one whenever you can. The absolute best way to remember them is to remember them!             


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