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Picky Eaters 101: Yes, It’s Ice Cream!

Picky EaterSometimes when you give a toddler yogurt you say “SURE, that’s ice cream” so they will eat SOMETHING. Sometimes you google “How do I hide veggies in food”. Sometimes, oh sometimes, you put pureed baby food in the mac n cheese. Sometimes you give him fish sticks and when he asks if it’s chicken nuggets you say “YES” with a big fake smile hiding the fingers you have crossed behind your back hoping he just takes a bite of SOMETHING!

Getting a picky eater to eat involves lots tricks. Most of all it involves a lot of ground work, from pureeing your own food to hide in pizza sauce or mac n cheese, to totally bold face lying to your toddler because he is averse to certain words while eating like “eat”. Dinner conversation involves spelling practice, charades, and a thesaurus to avoid upsetting the tiny humans appetite.

Sometimes it is totally scouring the store shelves for anything that has hidden fruit or veggies in it.

Sometimes it’s giving in and just giving him the chicken nuggets he’s been writhing on the floor screaming for.

Best of all, the moments where the picky eater EATS EVERYTHING on his plate! Those are the moments where you think “I AM MOM OF THE YEAR!!!” You know what, mom of the picky eater, you ARE mom of the year even if your kid has had only chicken nuggets to eat for the last two months. Hang in there, cause when he’s in college likely all he’ll eat is pizza he found under his bed!


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