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#Momfails from Dayton Moms

These are the moments, we put the cameras away. We don’t Live Chat (is that a thing?). We look around and see who might have witnessed and probably give them a sheepish smile. We go home and fill up our glasses with our #momjuice of choice.

These are #momfail moments

Here at Dayton Moms Blog, we have a pretty kick-butt team of mamas. We love fiercely and our kids are better for having us as their guide through life. That being said, we can tell a tale or two about some of our not-so-shiny and pretty humorous mom moments…ENJOY! Names have been omitted to protect the guilty. 

“My 3 year old, 1 year old and I were grocery shopping (don’t all good ones start that way). My 3 year old was in a phase of looooving animals. He read too many books to count and we were knee deep in the Wild Kratts and Octonauts. I wanted to help him foster that love so when he wanted to pretend to be a rhinoceros in the grocery store, I obliged. Trunk and all, he was crawling through the aisles; it wasn’t crowded so I didn’t see this as a huge deal. We survived and were making our way back to the car, we paused out front while I gathered everyone before venturing across the parking lot. I must have turned my head for a minute too long because a very nice lady pointed out to me that it wasn’t a great idea for my son to be drinking with his tongue from that puddle on the ground. My gasp must have caught him off guard because he lost his balance and fell face first. He wasn’t upset though, that’s what rhinoceroses do in watering holes.

“I set J’s nap timer on his wake alarm for the first time. I should have checked to see if it would make an alarm sound or if it would light up (like it does in the morning when he is allowed out of bed). He must have been watching it count down and was getting out of his tree house bed (with a 2 step ladder) when the alarm sounded. It scared him so bad that he fell down the ladder head first. He had the lump on his head and bruise on his hip to prove it. Also, he still can’t tell me if he was excited or scared when it went off, maybe both.”

“During our day off school, I was SUPER tired from being up most of the night with C (because we all have that one kid who never sleeps) and was just waiting for my husband to get home from work around 5:00pm. I suddenly realized I hadn’t made a meal for my kids all day. As I thought back on the day, I remembered they had asked to eat a couple pieces of candy, Oreos, and a Go-gurt (all things they can reach themselves). We all survived!

“Sitting around the dinner table one night, D asked me, ‘Mommy, do you have a wiener?'”  I replied, ‘No, buddy’, he thought hard about it for a minute and then said, ‘That’s ok, we can still go to the store and buy you one.

“As I was leaving the daycare after dropping off my 6mo twins, another mom walking out with me said, ‘I don’t know how you do it. You have the twins and your older daughter, you work full time, you always have your hair and makeup done, and dress so nice…it’s so impressive! You really have this mom thing down!’ I humbly thanked her and continued to walk through the parking lot feeling pretty good about myself. As I tried to get into my car, I struggled with the remote not able to get it to unlock. After several unsuccessful tries, the same young mom gently reached around from behind me with her own remote and said, ‘Ummm, that’s actually my car.‘” 

“The diaper changing is a battle of wills with my almost 2 year old. After nearly 25 minutes (which felt like 25 hours) of screaming, arching, and thrashing during the before bed diaper change, I quit. I threw my hands in the air, brought her into the wood-floored living room and let her run around and scream naked while I hid int he corner, unsure whether I should laugh or cry at my complete inability to wrangle my wild child for a simple diaper change.”

“People were always horrified that my kid’s first words (before mommy, daddy, ANYTHING ) were, ‘Go away!’ And he would yell it at everyone he saw when we were out in public! Still to this day, I don’t know where he got it from because my husband and I never say it.”

“We were standing in line at the zoo concession stand around 10:30am one day. I was waiting with my two year old and we were just chatting about the day and the animals. There were a good number of people around us. He, all of a sudden, bursts out with, “‘Mommy, I think you need a BIG BIG beer from the shunshession stand today.'”

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