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5 Affordable Decorating Ideas for Every Kids Room

I love home decor. It’s where most of my disposable income goes each month. I’m constantly changing, re-arranging and painting rooms in our house. My husband and I are in a home improvement store at least three times a week for various projects. One room that I love to constantly change up is our children’s bedroom. As my children’s interests evolve (what seems like daily), I am always making tweaks to their room to reflect their personalities and interests. However, with this constant change happening, I have to challenge myself to use what I have on hand as well as find items that are super affordable. Throughout the four years of consistent re-decorating their bedrooms, there are some decorating tips I’ve found to keep it affordable and yet interesting.

  1. Artwork for the walls

    There are some pretty amazing artwork options for kids’ bedrooms through shops like Etsy and Land of Nod, however, the best artwork is that at your fingertips. Your children make some amazing artwork that can easily be displayed with washi tape. I love the idea of pairing it with printouts of their favorite cartoon characters, a favorite candid photograph or a coloring book page you’ve colored (you know, from the adult coloring books). Washi tape is great for adding interest and its easy application and cost is appealing as well. Husbands love this idea also as it does not leave behind nail holes. #winwin

  2. Plants

    I love love love houseplants. Did you know that houseplants remove toxins from the air? Houseplants add a warm, cozy vibe to any room in your house, including your child’s bedroom. Place a potted plant on a dresser or use a hanging planter if you worry about a dog or small child getting to it. Involve your child in the care for the plant (i.e. weekly watering) and watch them learn and care for nature.

  3. Hooks

    Hooks are great for book bags, ball caps, princess dresses, purses, and even necklaces. They give your child responsibility to put their items away after each use. It’s also a great organization solution to keeping items off the floor. You can buy hooks on a wood rack or a pack of command hooks (the clear ones are my favorite).

  4. Twinkle Lights

    Chances are you already have a night light for your child but in the event you don’t, try an alternative like “fairy” (LED) lights or character string lights like these Star Wars ones that my kid is wanting. It adds interest and yet gets the job done.

  5. Paper Punches with Vinyl or Card Stock

    Wall decals are the trend right now. Some love them and some prefer the trend to end. I love the idea for a child’s room. In fact, I did an accent wall in my daughters nursery with them. If you want some inspiration, check out Urban Walls on Etsy and Instagram. With my daughters room, I bought vinyl and a circle paper punch from Michael’s and it was very affordable (approximately 100 vinyl circles for less than $15). Paper punches are great to have. I also punched a punched some butterflies from card stock and adhered them to her walls. You can also make an easy mobile with them using this punch.

Are you a habitual re-decorator? Do you enjoy decorating a child’s room just as much as me? I think one of the reasons I love it so much is that it allows me to relive a little bit of my childhood through them. I love involving them in the decorating by asking them what color they want or have them help me choose what pictures they want me to hang. 


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