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I Have Donated 50 Inches of Hair

When I was about 12 years old, I had a friend get diagnosed with leukemia. I had no reason to know anything about cancer treatments or the real threat to her life. While I was playing at her house one summer, she asked if she could play with my hair because she missed having her hair. At the time, I didn’t think much of it and allowed her to brush my hair. I didn’t realize how life changing that one moment would be. After a few years, this friend gained her angel wings. 

When I was about 16 years old, I had another friend was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This friend quickly lost her hair and spent too much time in the hospital due to aggressive treatments. I don’t remember the full context of the conversation but she and her Mom asked me to tell them something I absolutely can’t stand in life. I had a difficult time answering. There were many things this friend couldn’t stand… one of which was her wig. I didn’t realize how life changing that one question would be. After a few months, this friend gained her angel wings. 

Cancer is devastating. Brief moments can be life changing. 

I have donated 50 inches of hair over the last 15 years of my life. I have donated hair 5 times to either Locks of Love or Wigs for Kids. I’m blessed that my hair grows pretty quickly. I have learned tricks for keeping it reasonably healthy. I’m hoping to donate my hair again this summer. For me, hair donation is an easy way to give back in a very small way. I’m not a hero

2008 Hair Donation

 Here are some tips if you are considering hair donation: 

  1. Research which organization is best for you. Locks of Love requires 10 inches where as Wigs for Kids requires 12 inches. Locks of Love has been around longer but has received some criticism for charging recipients for wigs. 
  2. Find a salon who will do a free haircut. When I donate, I have never paid for a haircut. They may charge for other services such as hair coloring. Just ask the salon when making your appointment if they give free hair cuts for hair donation. Of course, it is recommended to tip the stylist even if the haircut is free. 
  3. Find ways to keep your hair healthy. Vitamins may help. Minimizing use of a hair dryer and curling iron will probably help as well. 

Have you donated hair? Tell us about your experience!

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