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Planning your Summer Road Trip with Whole Foods Market

This post is part of a sponsored relationship with Whole Foods Market, however we will not work with businesses we do not feel bring value to our readers. Opinions expressed are authentic and 100% those of the author.


Summer is upon us and that means family summer vacation time and the road trips that come with it! Long car rides often leave limited decisions for dining options. I enlisted the help of Whole Foods Market to support healthier food options for our long car ride to our vacation destination.

Breakfast On the Go

We were planning on leaving the house before breakfast and are usually a grab and go breakfast family anyway. The 365 Strawberry Breakfast Bars were a big hit as our wheels hit the road. I even picked up some fun 365 Strawberry and Blueberry Fruit Strips.

Smart Snacking

Ella-Grace has a sweet tooth and Whole Foods Market did not disappoint in variety of snack options to satisfy my daughter’s sweet cravings. The 365 Organic Honey Graham Bears and Animal Cookies provide a healthier option and curb that sweet tooth.

Beverages are very important during a long car ride. I grabbed some water bottles and some Lemonade to make sure we had plenty to drink. The 365 Everyday Brand juices are so refreshing!

If you haven’t tried the 365 All Dressed Potato Chips, you are are in for a treat. These chips combine BBQ, sour cream and onion, salt, vinegar and ketchup in one chip. I was told these chips were a store favorite and that I had to take them with me on my vacation. They were right… they were a great travel companion!

Lunch and Leg Stretching

Lunch does not have to be fast food when driving to your vacation spot. Whole Foods Market has prepared meals that are perfect to throw in a cooler in the car. Couple that with some chips and salsa and you’ve got yourself a healthier lunch. (See this previous post to read how much our I loved this salsa!) Don’t forget to add the fruit. The selection and freshness at Whole Foods Market is so over the top, you can’t go wrong here! When you combine kids with a lengthy road trip, having a packed lunch like this is perfect to allow for that rest stop picnic lunch and the chance to not only eat something healthy, but stretch those legs as well!

Recipe for the Road

While picking up your road trip supplies at Whole Foods Market, make sure you grab the following:

  • 365 Everyday Brand Mini Pretzel Twists
  • Organic Crunchy Cinnamon Square Cereal
  • Raisins
  • Banana chips

Combine these ingredients to make your very own, health (and delicious!) trail mix! It is the perfect snack for vacation.

This family will have some healthier food options during our summer travel thanks to Whole Foods Market.

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