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Planning the Perfect Picnic with help from Whole Foods Market

This post is part of a sponsored relationship with Whole Foods Market, however we will not work with businesses we do not feel bring value to our readers. Opinions expressed are authentic and 100% those of the author.

My family is a “grab and go” family as our super busy schedules makes it difficult to stop and enjoy a meal. Often we are putting together several meals on a Sunday in preparation for the week or we end up eating out. Healthy options are not always on our minds because it is so difficult to find healthy quick grab-and-go options. Planning a healthy family picnic was certainly something we didn’t have time for… until Whole Foods Market entered the picture. It’s perfect timing too because with the weather warming up, picnics are in the air.

Whole Foods Market helps make picnic planning super easy. There are so many healthy and delicious options to choose from that are perfect for on-the-go moms. The best part is that I do not have to worry about whether or not the food I am giving my child is healthy for her. Shopping at Whole Foods Market means that we don’t have to worry about artificial ingredients in any of the foods we are eating. Whole Foods Market’s signature brand, 365 Everyday Value ensures that the food I am purchasing not only contains the highest quality ingredients but also fits well within my budget.

Our picnic list included the following:

365 Everyday Value Light Lemonade :: My daughter absolutely loved this lemonade and asked for seconds.

365 Everyday Value Quack N Bites :: These cute crackers are shape like ducks and resemble a kid’s favorite fishy snack.

365 Everyday Value Ranch Tortilia Chips and Chunky Salsa :: A picnic would not be complete without the chips and dip – and let me tell you this salsa was probably the best salsa I have ever had! My husband and I probably could have just had chips and salsa for dinner and had been fine!

365 Everyday Value Turkey Breast and Smoked Ham :: The cost of this additive-free deli meat was similar to the cost of what I pay in the grocery store. Where was this nitrate and nitrite free meat when I was pregnant??

365 Everyday Value Cheddar Cheese Slices :: This beats the processed cheese I normally purchase!

365 White Hamburger Buns and Sourdough Bread :: I have never tried organic bread before so I was excited to make this a part of my purchase for this picnic and in the future.

Driscolli Organic Strawberries :: This family tends to purchase organic fruit. These strawberries looked so scrumptious and seemed like the perfect fit for our picnic meal.

Lady Moon Farms Organic Grape Tomatoes :: This is one staple that we can not keep stocked in our house. My husband daughter love grape tomatoes.

365 Everyday Value PB&J bites :: These were an impulse buy that sounded yummy and made for a quick grab to accompany us on our picnic.

Annie’s Chewy Granola Bars :: We LOVE granola bars in our house. It was nice to find an organic version that we can feel confident in what we are putting in our bodies

Alba Botanica Sunscreen :: This picnic staple is not one that everyone will remember to include in their picnic packing, but it is a must! Not only will our bellies be happy and full with delicious food options – free from additives and chemicals, but our skim will be safe from harmful UV rays with a sunscreen option that is also safe for our bodies.

Our Menu

Did you know that the Whole Foods Market website and app have tons of recipes and tips like how to create a healthy pantry?I chose to try the recipe for Club Kabobs on our picnic. The kabobs were super easy to put together and while we didn’t get to eat outside (thank you rainy May!) our picnic dinner was still yummy! The leftovers will work for lunches during the work week – which is a huge win for us!

Whole Foods Market also has pre-made dishes that are perfect to grab and go for those summer picnics. You can find those in the Prepared Foods Department… which leads me to another fun find for our family – the Hot Foods Bar! We will definitely be back to experience the hot foods bar during Kids Eat Free (with a $10 adult meal purchase) every Wednesday from 4pm-8:30pm. Yet another way for our family to save tons of money and ensure that we are eating foods that are healthy, even when we’re on the go.

Ultimately though, you know it’s a win when the kiddo approves! Ella-Grace gave this picnic dinner a rave review! 

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