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10 Things to do with Your Apples

10-things-to-doLets just say that last weekend, you took your family apple picking at one of our fabulous Dayton area U-Pick Apple Farms!

It was a total blast, and your family managed to leave with sticky fingers, muddy shoes, a limited amount of meltdowns, and a bushel or two of apples in your van (Here’s to hoping, right?)

But now your apples are sitting on your counter top attracting fruit flies, and you are completely stumped as to what to make out of all those apples! You might feel daunted by the process of canning or dehydrating – and really you are just tempted to throw them out.

Instead of throwing them out, try one of these 10 easy apple recipes to use up those apples instead:

  1. Bake apple chips.
  2. Make homemade Fruit Leather. Store in the freezer for school lunches or quick snacks.
  3. Peel, slice and make apple pie filling to store in a freezer bag! Throw it in your freezer for Thanksgiving, Christmas or even to give to a teacher, neighbor or church member who may need a sweet little pick-me-up.
  4. Bake a fresh apple pie, apple cookies or apple pie roll-ups.
  5. Peel, slice and freeze (no lemon juice necessary)! These apple slices will keep for several months are perfect for throwing in school lunches, smoothies or grabbing for a quick snack!
  6. Make applesauce or apple butter in your crockpot.
  7. Make a crockpot dinner using the apples.
  8. Create a beautiful smelling home by simmering the apples into a homemade potpourri.
  9. Do a fun apple craft with your kids (or volunteer to do it in your child’s class at school!)
  10. Do a science experiment with your child using the apples.

Enjoy using up those apples! Feel free to share your apple suggestions in the comments.

And once you are done with the apple picking, don’t forget to check out our Dayton Guide to 45 Family Friendly Local Fall Activities for more fun Fall suggestions.


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