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5 Spring Trends from the “Gem City” Mama

As temperatures start to rise our clothing choices start to reflect those changes. Like many people, I like to take this time to evaluate my closet. The changing of the seasons is a chance for me to reinvent myself and purge things…especially clothing. Here are a few trends I’ve spotted while out and about recently that I just love and wanted to share with all of you!

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Want to make a statement this spring? Go with a metallic. Grab any metallic piece and you’re sure to cause a head or two to turn and look your way. What I love about this trend is that ANYONE can do it. Figure out which metallic suits your skin tone and go from there. You can go as subtle or as out there as you want with this look. It can be something simple like a slip-on mule in silver paired with jeans or make a bolder move with a gold skirt and graphic tee. (Yes, I picked one up. And yes, I can’t wait to wear it!) Either way, you’re going to look like you came fresh off of the runway with this easy to wear spring trend. 

The Touch, The Feel of…WHATEVER Textile You Want

Texture is everything this spring. I can’t stop the urge to walk up and touch everything in most clothing departments right now. You’re going to be seeing lots of velvet, lace, and embroidery this season and it’s so much fun. Adding a bit of one of these to a shirt or pants brings the item to life. Texture is one of those things that’s going to bring the eye to that area, so be sure to emphasize what you want people to be looking at when rocking this spring trend and use it to your advantage.

Flower Power Vibes

This trend is no stranger to the spring season, but it’s one that keeps appearing year after year. If you’re a fan of paisley prints, bell sleeves, and all things fringe, this is the trend for you! The biggest way I’m seeing this trend used this year is in cover-ups and tops. Bell sleeves really made a come back this past fall/winter in sweater styles, but are being seen in lighter weight cottons, silks, and linens for spring. As for the cover-ups, be ready to see these covered in large floral prints and long, flowy fringe inspired by the flappers of the roaring 20’s. This is a trend that can be worn by ladies young and old. It’s fun and funky and one I can’t wait to try myself in the coming months.

Calling all Blossom fans! The 90’s are BACK

The 90’s hold a special place in my heart because it’s the decade in which I grew up and made some amazing memories. Lucky for me, trends from the 90’s are making a come back. Be ready to see everything that use to grace the pages of BOP magazine and Delia’s clothing catalog. If it was big in the 90’s, it’s here and better than ever! From what I’ve seen this trend is big in the accessories department. I’ve noticed that the jewelry, purses, and hats in big stores are what I’ve seen floating around the local thrift store the past 10 years. The great thing about an accessory trend is that it is one you can use it in a subtle way, or go all out and still look great. It’s also one that isn’t going to impact your wallet as much either, so there’s a big plus right there. Going with this 90’s inspired look will be amazing and you might feel like the younger version of you via those nostalgia feels. 

“Mom” Squad Goals

This is not a typo ladies. Looking like a “mom” from the 80’s and 90’s is totally a thing and major retailers are jumping on this trend. If it’s got a high waist and a modest hemline you’re right on track. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out shopping recently that I pick something up and say, “My mom had something exactly like this!” to my girlfriends. This trend covers all areas of clothing from jeans and dresses to tops. Think light wash denim, dainty floral prints, polka dots and stripes. I particularly love this trend because of the fact it’s modest! After two babies and turning 30, this bod of mine isn’t what it use to be, and wearing appropriate clothing for my “new” body is a must. Try busting out some old family photos for inspiration ladies, you might realize your mom was way more into fashion than you ever thought. 

Well there you have it, this “gem city” mama’s top 5 trends for Spring. Feel free to add suggestions in the comments or tell us what you’re most excited to try from this list. I know I can’t wait to let my inner fashionista shine this spring!

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