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Living with My Parents

I wish I could live with my parents forever. I mean, I’m really gonna miss this time in my life. For the past 5-ish months, I’ve been homeless as we sold our house and are waiting for our new home to be built (new blog about our move coming soon!). So, my little family of five moved in with my folks on a farm in the country.

 Although, I know our new house will be awesome, I know it will be great to spread out in our own space, I know it will be nice to not worry about keeping the kids quiet for the grandparents during 6:30 news, I just feel an overwhelming sadness and uneasiness when I think of this transition we are heading for in mid-November. And, although I acknowledge that this change is ultimately a good one, it is important for me to give credit to the fact that this is the end of a sacred time in our lives. So, in moving forward, I feel the need to point out the things I will miss the most about living with my parents:
  • Waking up and seeing my mom give me a morning smile as she shuffles toward the coffee maker.
  •  Weekly meal planning with my mom (and extra help with preparing meals).
  • Sending my 4-year-old and 2-year-old outside to work with grandpa on his projects around the farm (their favorite thing to do).


  • Having moved in just after my third daughter was born and watching her bond grow with my parents in such a close way that my older two didn’t have at that age.
  • Getting to know the Amish neighbors, becoming friends, cooking and canning together, and learning recipes, songs, and more from such lovely people.
  • Watching my 2-year-old grow from having an intense fear of tractors and how loud they are to enjoying a ride on grandpa’s lap while helping him steer.


  • Watching my 4-year-old go from not wanting to ever get dirty to running around barefoot and begging grandpa to go back outside to do more work at every break.
  •  Taking walks around the farm with my girls, collecting flowers and making flower arrangements.
  • Talking things out with my folks when one little one has a temper tantrum that’s driving me insane or another is having a major set-back with pottying or the third has a diaper rash that concerns me – all just by walking to the next room.
  • Seeing the looks on my littles’ faces as they know I won’t be happy when I find out what treat the grands gave them this time. (Not my favorite thing, but those faces!!!)
These are small things that have meant the world to me and my little family. It makes me realize how precious life is. Reflecting on the time spent on the farm has given me a deeper connection, love, and appreciation for my parents. Before coming, I was so concerned about disrupting their lives with my three little rowdy noise-makers. And boy! We owned the word, “disruption.” My dad has bruises from being used as a human jungle gym, and it’s possible my mom has lost some of her hearing. And through it all, my parents have demonstrated basically nothing but patience, flexibility, kindness, and yes a fair bit of spoiling.
Mom and dad, we will miss you. We’ve got a room for you ready at a moment’s notice, but we’re sure to be crashing your digs again in the near future! We got a taste of something we like!

Moms, ever stayed with your parents or in-laws for an extended period? Currently doing so? I hope you can take lots of great pictures, because, as my dad would say, “this is living!”

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