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The Holiday You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

I bet none of you have exchanged gifts, sent cards, had flowers delivered, or even called to wish someone well in honor of today’s national holiday. I haven’t. Because who knew that today, July 26th, is National Aunt and Uncle Day? (It’s also national All or Nothing Day, Bagelfest Day, and Coffee Milkshake Day, so it’s a pretty stinkin’ good day in my book.) Clearly, this is definitely a day worth celebrating. Throughout my life I’ve had some really amazing aunts and uncles pour into my life and it’s even more amazing to see how my siblings (and my husband’s brothers and sisters) invest in the lives of my wild little ones. So here’s to you, aunts and uncles, we thank you!

To the young (read:cool) aunt – Thank you for teaching my kids how to be hip (because this is a personality trait that I do not posses, clearly demonstrated by the use of the word, “hip,” in a publicly published blog post). Thank you for making sure that my toddler has the sickest dance moves and learns the words to Korean pop songs before he even has a firm grasp on the English language. Thank you for chasing my babies around the house, the park, the mall… Thank you for having a constant source of fun and energy. And even thank you for sneaking my little guy bites of ice cream, allowing him to act crazier than he probably should, and for allowing him to be his goofy, demanding, hilarious self because all of that brings him joy.

To the aunt with her own kids – Thank you for trudging through the trenches of motherhood by my side, dragging our children along with us. Thank you for being my rock. Thank you for your advice and making me feel valued when you seek mine. Thank you for swapping recipes, sob stories of spit up and diaper explosions, and sometimes even children. Thank you for appreciating our differences and not judging me when my kid is covered from head to toe in macaroni while yours sits calmly eating his dinner. Thank you for giving my children built-in life-long friendships. Thank you for doing this crazy thing called parenthood with me.

To the aunt who is far away – Thank you for brightening my kid’s day with your phone calls and video chats and being okay with most of the video feed consisting of my two year old’s Blair Witch Project style videography. Thank you for instilling my children with a sense of adventure. Thank you for staying connected and loving us even when it would be easier to just see you a couple of times a year. Thank you for fun mail, packages, and gifts because who doesn’t like getting mail and presents? Thank you for making long drives, flight layovers, late night phone calls, and visits so worth it because my little ones are so happy to see you and squish your face between their chubby fingers for an auntie kiss. Thank you for encouraging my children to be both dreamers and doers.

And let’s not forget the uncles! – Thank you for playing. And playing and playing and playing. Thank you for getting messy. Thank you for throwing my kids in the air, giving all of the high fives, participating in dance parties, and being a constant source of unashamed silliness. Thank you more than I can say for being a support system and friend to my husband as he navigates fatherhood. Thank you for fun, adventure, and the biggest hugs.

So let’s celebrate! Share this with the coolest aunts and uncles that you know so that they know how amazing you think they are. Call them up. Take them out for a bagel and a coffee milkshake. Let them know that they are loved and appreciated. Here’s to you, aunts and uncles, we are so grateful for all the baby snuggling, giggle inducing, life-giving love that you share. Today is your day!


2 Responses to The Holiday You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

  1. Susan Holloway July 26, 2017 at 11:10 pm #

    Kelsey – You write so well! I am glad that you are able to use that gift in this way. Your words are a blessing to many.

  2. Suzanne Hines August 6, 2017 at 4:19 pm #

    I absolutely love this post! I’m a bit late on celebrating this holiday, but your writing brought to mind a specific person in my life under each category! Loved it!!!