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I’ll Wear a Bikini if I Want To!

Lately, all through my newsfeed, I have been seeing videos, posts, memes, etc. about moms needing to wear more appropriate bathing suits or the lack of “mom appropriate ” swim attire. When I read these I feel like I’m being judged, or that I should feel wrong rocking my bikini.

I shouldn’t and neither should you!

Admittedly, when I went bathing suit shopping for our family vacation I got nervous. Should I buy that super cute two-piece? My chest is secured so no nip slips will occur (biggest fear!) and, you know what, I’ve worked hard for this post babies bod! So, yes, I will buy that bathing suit! Now, I’m sure some people will judge me: mom of two wearing THAT?! But, I am about supporting women, raising them up, complimenting, and encouraging them. I have no time or tolerance for those who shame or criticize regardless of size or shape!

Wearing a bikini is my choice. I have plenty of girlfriends who are not comfortable wearing one, and that’s their choice! I am a certified personal trainer so working out comes with the fitness territory. When I am not working full-time or being a wife and mommy I get my sweat on because it makes me feel good – not for anyone else.

I guess my point is, just because you are now a mommy doesn’t mean you don’t have to change who you are, or how you see yourself. Our differences make us who we are. If we were all the same, how boring of a world would we live in?

You go rock that bikini, that little black dress, those high heels, that nose ring, or those tattoos – GO BE YOU!

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