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My 90 Second Secret to Tackle the Whole Thirty



What was I thinking? Seriously, what was  I thinking?

That pretty much summed up my last 2 days on Whole 30. I am making my 2nd attempt after quitting on day 11 last July. My excuse was I was pregnant and crazy. I scheduled pictures with my son on day 11 which turned into a disaster and I found myself nursing my anxiety with a sweet tea in the Taco Bell parking lot. This time I feel more prepared. Why? Because I definitely won’t be scheduling any pictures or anything out of our norm really for the rest of January. January is all about momma.

See, I need January. I need time to figure out why I gravitate to cheeseburgers when I feel financial pressure, or ice cream when I am overwhelmed, or a half cut tea or diet coke when I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. I want to learn how to cope with the moment without reaching for a band aid (or a whopper). So this year it’s not about a new years resolution it’s just about right now. Embracing and accepting me as the momma that I am right now. Meeting each challenge as they come, day by day. Today I am on day 6 and I feel ready because I have a new weapon in my arsenal.

So what is my new sugar substitute? My new non-cheesy crises aversion? Time. I recently learned that 90 seconds to Whole 30 Success!most emotions’ intensity pass in 90 seconds. That means that when I find myself feeling overwhelmed, disappointed, or worried I meet that moment and I acknowledge it. Then I wait. 90 seconds really isn’t that long. Think of it as your “mommy time out”. It’s a period of a few deep breaths, a moment of reflection, and an opportunity  to find a way out, rather than smothering it with a fix. I have been doing this so often that yesterday I raised my voice and my 3yo son said “momma take deep breaths and you feel better!” Wise words come from the mouth of babes.

What tips do you utilize to get through one of those mommy crises moments?

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