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Romance Awareness Month – Who Knew?

Bow Chica Bow Wow (or however that goes). August is Romance Awareness Month. I had no idea!

While the origin of Romance Awareness Month has yet to  be determined or identified, what is important is that we know it exists. So why not roll with it? We can’t angrily call it a ‘Hallmark Holiday,’ because there are not stereotypical cards and chocolates involved, but we can use it as a time to deepen our awareness of what romance is to each of us, and act upon it. The purpose of this monthly focus is to celebrate romance, making the public aware of how important romance is in relationships. Why? Because we typically run for the hills when we hear that R word, or we think it is too ‘foo foo ‘or must involve some sort of sleazy lingerie. I am here to tell you to open your  mind , friends, and be creative!

Romance is about connection.

I have been married for just over 10 years, and I am here to tell you that my husband and I are still trying to figure out this romance thing. That word just seems so intimidating, when in reality, it is simply what we make of it. We both have changed over these 10 years (hello. kids), as have our wants, needs, time, life, careers, turn-ons, and likes/dislikes. Therefore, embrace the truth that most likely you and your partner have changed also. This is a good thing as romance, and what makes someone feel loved and wanted, ebbs and flows just like life. Perhaps you have a partner who is easy to please, and you know exactly what makes them tick (and they have confirmed this), well then run with it! Maybe your loved one is excited by any thing you do for them, enjoy it! Perhaps you have a partner who is hard to read and doesn’t like to talk about what he or she ‘needs’ in a relationship, now is the time to open the floor up for discussion. Connection and communication must be present for romance, and its vast array of possibilities, to exist. So, take this list of 20 ideas for sparking some romance into your relationship, and modify them for the needs of you and your partner. Chat with friends. Read blogs. Buy chocolate. Whatever you need to do to connect and to understand each other. THAT is romance!

  1. Go to bed at the same time
  2. Make a ‘just because’ gift and throw it in their lunch
  3. Walk hand in hand or side by side
  4. Write a note on a post it and stick it on their mirror, so it is the first thing they see in the morning
  5. Focus more on what your partner does right vs. what they do wrong
  6. Hug each other after you see each other after work
  7. Say “I love you” or “Have a Good Day” every morning
  8. Say “Good Night” every night, regardless how you feel
  9. Do a ‘check in’ during the day (random text)
  10. Be proud to be seen with your partner
  11. Reserve 30 minutes of alone time every night, where the TV is off and there is no distraction but each other
  12. Go on a 24 hour date  , where kids are not present.
  13. Put your phone down at  8pm and do not look at it again until the next morning (try making this a habit!)
  14. Plan a dinner out, without kids or phones, once every two weeks.
  15. Cuddle in bed
  16. Buy their favorite sweet treat and surprise them with it after dinner.
  17. Drive. Just drive. Pack up the entire family in the car and head out for a day with no agenda. Just connecting with each other and with your kids (because being kid free is not always possible).
  18. Wear pajamas to bed that you know they love to see on you (maybe this means you wear nothing. GASP! )
  19. Sit side by side and read a book or newspaper while holding hands. Physical touch in and of itself is a major connector.
  20. WELLLL….do I need to actually spell it out? This is a PG rated blog. So use your imagination for this one.

How do you keep romance alive in your relationship? Please share!

One Response to Romance Awareness Month – Who Knew?

  1. Suzanne Hines August 6, 2017 at 4:38 pm #

    This is a great list! I’m adding some of these ideas to my calendar for the week! Surely I can make at least some of this happen!